CBD & ECS Info, What CBD Strength, and CBD Dose Guide

This CBD Guidance Chart has been formulated by client testimonials, staff trials, retail CBD Store client feedback, and pet owner feedback.

The info below is for guidance only, and may or may not fit your needs. We have been providing CBD Guidance for 3 years now and have over 3000 clients with more than 200 direct testimonials to support the following generalizations:

  • Most people that seek relief from CBD for pain or anxiety have a discomfort level between 5 - 8 (we may feel a 9 at peek times)
  • When beginning CBD, if you want the maximum benefits you will need to TAKE enough MG's to activate your ECS, this is known as your "balance point".
    • A person's Balance Point varies - everyone's is different.
    • In General - most people respond positive when at least 10MG is taken 2 times a day for the first 4 days.
    • If a person has a much higher anxiety or pain level (above 7) more MG's may be needed to compensate for the stronger needs. Just like you may take one Advil or you know when you need to take four Advil. 
    • There is NO Known Overdose warning, if you think you need 50mg or more you can take over 100mg and your body will ONLY USE what it can and urinate out the extra. You will have met 100% of your needs and simply excreet the rest (just like a multi-vitamin)
  • See the diagram we use in our store to explain this:

Watch this youtube video below giving an example of how to figure out the MG's per dose in a 1oz bottle of CBD OIL.

Use the graph below to generalize your needs. As of June 2019, most clients are purchasing a 900mg or higher as a first bottle.  With a 900 mg bottle of CBD, you’ll get about 15mg of CBD when you use just 1/2 of the eye-dropper (and you will get 60 servings - a perfect 30 day supply of an: AM + PM suggested dose).

Within the first 30 days over 85% of clients were able to determine their needs and use CBD - AS NEEDED. For some this may be every day, for others it may be a few times a week or CBD can be taken proactively like before a sporting event you are in, or a long walk or weekend of running around, etc.. According to those that have provided their feedback 15 mg a day or more is where most began to feel better. 

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