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Since 2017 we have offered high quality industrial hemp products at affordable prices.
Look for us at some of St. Pete's best markets including: Localtopia 2023 and Shopapalooza 2023. 

HEMP, CBD, Delta 8 Retail

We offer High Quality Industrial Hemp Derived CBD products including Delta 8 THC products. We opened our Hemp Only business in April 2017 and quickly there after launched www.hhoutlet.com. We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida and offer FREE Local Delivery, or we ship USPS all over the USA including in St. Pete.

FREE Hemp, CBD, and Delta 8 Delivery in St. Petersburg, FL

We have offered discreet local delivery for over 2 years now. Some of our clients are also friends, and it's nice to say hello - but you don't have to. We can take your order over the phone, or if you place your order on our website and you are within a few local miles we will update your order to - LOCAL DELIVERY and you'll get text notifications leading up to your delivery! If you're not home we will leave in the best location near your mailbox or inside your mail box and take a picture and text to you.

When your item is delivered, you will get a text notification including a photo.


HHO has over five years of Cannabis Hemp Product Research and Retail Sales experience with every day folks like yourself. We are Honest, Friendly and truly want you to learn how Cannabis works, so you can make your own adult choice!


With over 5000 clients served and over 300 Hemp CBD Reviews, you are working with a TRUSTED CANNABIS ADVISOR!


HHO has kept the same Industrial Hemp Processor since 2017. Most of our CBD Reviews have come from these Trusted CBD formulations.

Support Small Business

HHO is located in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. We have under 10 employees and/or volunteers who all participate in their local holistic communities. We support our local business partners too and proudly support our - Keep St. Pete Local Group!

Private and Discreet

Our store is a Cannabis Learning Center, not a smoke shop. Our space is open, well lit and our staff is Friendly and Helpful.

Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. Do I need a cannabis card to enter HHOUTLET?
    A: NO, HHOUTLET offers Cannabis Hemp Retail Products and you do not need a MMJ Card to enter the store. We also offer MMJ Card Evaluations from a State Approved MMJ Physician by appointment - you also DO NOT NEED A CARD for this.
  2. Q. What products are available In Store and ONLINE?
    A: HHO offers Only Industrial Derived Hemp Products Including: CBD Oils, Gummies and Lotions. Our inventory in the store offers more than what you will find online. In Store we offer Delta 8 products, but not online. If you want to order Delta 8 Prodcuts, please ask us for a quote via email at info@hhoutlet.com
  3. Q. Do you offer Local Delivery in St. Pete (727)
    A: YES, we offer LOCAL DELIVERY within 7 miles of our location. We try to deliver between 9am and 9pm, sometimes the same day, but usually the next day. Just text us at 727-755-1223 and say "DELIVER"
  4. How long should I expect for Local Delivery?
    A: We strive to beat your expectations and offer same day delivery. If that is not possibly, our goal is next day. If we are out of stock or if there is a rush, we shouldn't take longer than 2-3 days to drop off your item. Again, or goal is ASAP and we will communicate your order status via emails.