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Guidance: Which (mg) CBD Oil do I need to take?


CBD OIL is measured by the MG strength it has per bottle. 

300MG is usually the lowest and 1500MG - 3000MG is the highest common strengths.  

Each Bottle is usually 1oz / 30mL.

The Eye Dropper is usually 1mL when filled. So you get 30 servings from a 1oz bottle.

Guidance is as follows*:

First time use is suggested to start low (300MG) and determine your results after a few doses. We have testimonials from FIRST TIME CBD users that tried 300MG and reported very positive results. Most of these clients have never tried full plant products (THC or CBD).

After a first bottle, most users figure out that about 15mg seem to work for most - so a 900mg Bottle of CBD will give you 60 servings of 15mg. Take that 2x a day for a total of 30mg - most of our clients seem to find this formula successful.

Some conditions you are trying to target may require a higher does, it really depends on your body and how your ECS (see our blog for more info on your ECS) responds to CBD. For general purposes - a 900mg CBD OIL will be ideal for you. 

Most CBD clients will take a 900MG to 1000MG concentration to treat average, infrequent or temporary needs like: Anxiety/nerves, physical discomfort/pain, headaches, sleep aide, or to help with clarity and balance. 

For more severe injuries, post surgery recovery (pain med assist), post cancer recovery, sports injury, pain management, high anxiety, insomnia, and deep muscular pain - you may like a higher strength CBD like - 1800MG CBD OIL, or just take your 900mg a few more times a day - especially before bedtime. 


cbd oil dosage guide from hh outlet, learn how much cbd oil do i take?


Our Best CBD OIL
900mg @ 30mg Per 1mL
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How to figure out how much CBD comes out of the bottle per dose?

  • Most bottles are 30ml in size/volume. (our bottles are 30mL).
  • Use one FULL dropper to get 1mL.
  • A 900mg bottle will give you 60 servings of 15MG, we suggest our HHO 900mg CBD OIL.
  • Below is a chart that shows the MG suggestion.
  • If you take a 300mg bottle, that has 30ml
    • each 1ml full dropper = 10mg (300 divided by 30).
    • a half dropper = 5mg per serving
    • buy a 900mg bottle (900 divided by 30 = 30mg per 1 ml), and take just over half of the dropper - approx 20mg, 2 times a day.¬†
    • If you have any questions, call us or email us!!


cbd dosage guide and cbd dose chart all in one