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This Collection has specially priced items. We ship from Tampa, Florida USPS. If you are on the East Coast you are in 1-3 day delivery standard. If you are Mountain time or PST, you are 2-5 day.. 

At Healthy Hemp Outlet our prices are fair Market Prices, and we offer FREE SHIPPING. So you get a good price and free shipping every time!

These prices are for a limited time, or while supplies last.

When we get special pricing and discounts from our suppliers, you may see pricing go down (or up if supply is constrained), if you see a better price please let us know!! 

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About Healthy Hemp Outlet (hhoutlet.com)

We started in April 2017 with a simply plan - find high quality Hemp CBD Vendors and resell their products. We were, and still are, private funded and had planned for a slow growth (12 months). This gave us time to work with target vendors and over the months we figured out which vendors to keep and grow with, and which ones to pass on. We are very proud to say that our own brand - Heatlh, Hemp, Organic HHO CBD products are manufactured by a vendor we've worked with for over 3 years now. You can expect quality, consistency, and value from the HHO brand.

In 2019 we celebrated our 3rd year as an online hemp and cbd only business, and one year in retail brick and mortar as a hemp business. We have been approved by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a Retail Hemp Vendor (valid 2020 license on file). We have over 150 online reviews, and over 50 Google Local reviews. 

Our specialty has always been education. Each order ships with an information card to help you learn quickly "how cbd works", and "what cbd dosage is needed"? 

Feel free to ask us any questions, we will try to earn your business and trust. Please email questions or text us @ 727-755-1223