HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD
HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD - HH OUTLET   - OIL - CBD oil, full spectrum oil, HHO
HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD - HH OUTLET   - OIL - CBD oil, full spectrum oil, HHO
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD

HHO 1800mg Healthy Hemp CBD OIL, Our Best 1800 CBD

Healthy Hemp Outlet
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High Strength CBD Oil - HH Outlet's 1800mg

Healthy Hemp Outlet CBD Oil Offers:

  • High Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Lab Tested, Certified COA
  • Batch Tested, Quality Tested
  • 2 Years of Positive Feedback
  • HHO Certified CBD, not just Hemp Seed Oil

Why Choose HH Outlet CBD Store?

Since 2017 we've helped over 2000 clients find the Best CBD Oil for their needs. After hearing feedback from clients about which CBD products worked best and why, we  partnered with our best vendor and their farm to create - Healthy Hemp CBD OIL Products. Our  CBD Oil formulation is simple with just a couple ingredients meaning you get more High Quality CBD Oil and less fillers. This is a Full Spectrum CBD OIL. As we expand our product line you will see various COA profiles. Currently our CBD OIL offers a low THC level that is well under the .3 percent Federal limit. As usk about our COA or view in the product pictures. 
Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil. 

Suggested Use:
Our 1800mg CBD Oil offers 30mg of CBD when you use 1/2 of the eye dropper, or 60mg with a full eye dropper.

Take 1/2 dropper in the am, another 1/2 dropper in the pm. Do this for the next 4-6 days and by day 5 re-evaluate how you feel? If your general "wellness" has been improved or if your pain or anxiety has decreased then you reached your balance point needs and your CBD Oil is working.

If you are happy with your results you can begin to use as needed. If you still feel there should be more benefits to gain, or if you have a new anxiety or injury to compound your needs, then increase daily intake by 1/2 dropper and try the am/pm suggestion another 4-6 days. 

Every web order ships with a suggested use card that shows the CBD bottle Eye Dropper and how 1/2 dropper = 60 servings.  The included dropper gives you the power to fill the dropper up all the way and get a stronger Dose for more serious needs and/or as needed. 

CBD OIL dose guide

 With each purchase your package will ship in a Discreet Plain White Padded Envelope. No Stickers or pictures, just our return address: HHOUTLET.com on the outside. You also get the dose guide shown above.

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 This product contains a total delta-9-THC concentration that does NOT exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Think of a Rainbow, it has SEVEN (7) colors, and is also called a Spectrum of Light. These SEVEN colors make up a FULL SPECTRUM. If Blue is missing, you do not have a Full Spectrum anymore. But don't worry, since CBD is the MAIN cannabinoid you are seeking when shopping for hemp derived CBD Products - most CBD Full Spectrum products have ample amounts of CBD, but have Very Little amounts of the other Hemp Cannabinoids. If there is a trace amount of other cannabinoids, like CBG, or CBC, or - that counts and the product can be called Full Spectrum CBD Products - just like a rainbow might not be that bright and you may not see yellow, but it is still a full spectrum.  Most Full Spectrum CBD Products also have trace amounts of THC. This 1800mg CBD Oil is a Full Spectrum with trace amounts of other cannabinoids, but the main extraction in this product is CBD Oil. 

What is the Entourage Effect?

As you research Cannabis Hemp and the full spectrum CBD Oil market, you will read about the "Entourage Effect". If you want the maximum available cannabinoids from the hemp plant, you will want true FULL SPECTRUM CBD products. Full Spectrum means there are more than 5 cannabinoids present in the COA Lab Report. These amounts are small, but they do work together in a synergistic way. 

How Can I Evaluate the CBD Spectrum in each CBD Product?

Every CBD product should come with a report called known in the Hemp Industry as the COA - Certificate of Analysis Report. On this report you can see the presence of, or absence of,  the Cannabinoids. Naturally you should see CBD as the largest amount. Then you may see: THC, and possibly CBC and CBG or CBN. If you only see CBD and THC, and no other cannabinoids are showing up (may also see ND which stands for Not Detected), you may want to consider this when evaluating Full Spectrum CBD Products because the entourage effect relies on the principal that "more is better". If CBD is a strong Cannabinoid, and it has other plant based cannabinoids like CBG and CBC it can use to Make a Stronger Team - this is the concept behind Entourage Effect. 

What is the Cannabis Plant Extraction Process?

The Extraction process is Distillate one. A distillate happens when specific liquids are used to Separate the Hemp Cannabinoids from the plant (instead of C02 heat) and since this is a longer and more delicate process - it preserves more of the cannabinoids and delivers a better grade of CBD oil. Our HHO 900 PLUS is a delicate cannabis extract. Using this Distillate process to extract from the cannabis plant to help retain a better full spectrum cbd product. This extraction process is more time consuming than C02, so a distillate cannabis extraction may cost a bit more.

hemp distillate process

What if I buy a CBD Isolate product? 

If the entourage effect requires other hemp cannabinoids to be present (5 or more), what happens when a product that has ZERO THC - like CBD Gummies is evaluated?

Don't worry, CBD is the Largest Cannabinoid found in the HEMP plant and has been studied long enough now to show that by itself (isolated) - a CBD Isolate is an effective tool all by itself. Most users of CBD Isolate products have a job or personal reason why they want Zero THC. However, if you are seeking the most available and All Natural Hemp CBD extraction, then shop for CBD Products that use a distillate process.