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CBD VAPE with CBG Blue Dream Relief HYBRID

CBD VAPE with CBG Blue Dream Relief HYBRID

Enjoy Hemp
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Enjoy Hemp CBD Vape Pen

 Q. Why use a VAPE Pen? 

A. Regarding "ingest method", when you INHALE, you bring the product into your lungs where it quickly enters your bloodstream. There is NO digestion, and no delay. The inhale method is preferred when seeking the fastest results. Some clients mention using right before bedtime, or in response to a sudden trigger as the VAPE is simply to use and goes to work ASAP.


Enjoy Hemp 3mL vape pen:

  • Pure CBD Vapes (THC-Free)
  • 3ml each
  • Fully Rechargeable with Pre-heat Function

Three Flavors/Effects available:

  • Relief CBD + CBG Disposable Vape - Blue Dream (Hybrid)
  • Sleep CBD + CBN Disposable Vape - Berry Kush (Indica) (special order)
  • Energy Broad-Spectrum CBD Disposable Vape - Green Crack (Sativa) (special order)

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in hemp plants that acts on receptors in the body.

What is CBN?

CBN (Cannabinol) is known for its relaxing properties.  It is the cannabinoid that cannabis breaks down into overtime.

What is CBG? 

CBG aka the ‚ÄúMother of all Cannabinoids‚ÄĚ is known for its restorative effects is perfect for maintaining a balance between body and mind.¬†

Energy Ingredients: Broad-Spectrum CBD and Natural CDT Terpenes.

Sleep Ingredients: CBD, CBN, and Natural CDT Terpenes.

Relief Ingredients: CBD, CBG, and Natural CDT Terpenes.


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