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Best CBD Gift, A Trio with CBD Oil and CBD Gummies and CBD Cream / Salve

Looking for All Natural CBD Gifts?

Pick 3 CBD Products for your CBD Trio.

Healthy Hemp Outlet has over 3 years of hands on CBD experience. We've spoken to hundreds of clients seeking CBD for Anxiety and CBD for Pain management. Our CBD if certified with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Buy this CBD Gift Trio Package and give 3 popular CBD Products. 

We've taken the guesswork out of picking which CBD product is best for: anxiety, pain and sleep. Our HHO CBD Trio offers a CBD Strength that has worked for many of our CBD Testimonials, a 900mg TOTAL CBD Strength per CBD product. 

cbd oil from hh outlet

Usually when a client comes into Healthy Hemp Outlet Retail Store, (located in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL) there is a goal, and a budget. There really isn't a wrong way to use CBD, but if you are experiencing anxiety, a topical used on your foot may not be best efficacy. But don't worry, our 3 plus years of CBD Experience has shown us what clients want:

  1. High Quality CBD - not just hemp oil.
  2. CBD Dosage Guidance - we help you with our FREE CBD Education Sheet
  3. A strong enough CBD product
  4. and THE RIGHT CBD PRODUCT for the JOB!

There is a detailed method of explaining this, but for now we'll just connect the dots and make this easy:


Complaint   ---   Best CBD Product

- Sleep  --  CBD Gummies
- Anxiety -- CBD OIL or CBD Flower
- Local Pain -- CBD Cream Salve Stick
- Most Popular CBD Product Sold - CBD OIL Tincture Bottle
- Best for Immediate Relaxation - CBD Flower (inhale)
- Best CBD for Daily Use: CBD OIL Tincture Bottle

 Pick one of the 3 kits and start your CBD Journey today!