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Your Body Is Built To Handle Anxiety Naturally

In this BLOG post we are sharing ideas and stories from many clients who have spoken to us in the store or online and shared their experiences.  We have clients from the age of 21 to 79 asking about CBD for anxiety,  and everyone is vulnerable (click here to read more about CBD and Anxiety). We also understand that there are situations where a prescription is very helpful and in some cases necessary, we do not dispute this. The goal is to help expand your knowledge and show you that you have many ways to help yourself (Self-Care) and this is well worth the information sharing. 

Anxiety is kind of like high RPM in your head from constant thought, and just like a car engine gets hot from high RPM, racing thoughts can create more RPM in your head than normally comfortably for you.  If the check engine light comes on in your car, you might have to pull over and cool down.  This is exactly what your body tries to do when you are overheating your mind with racing thoughts.  You might get tired or you might feel a little flustered or confused?  At this point you may feel overwhelmed and go to the doctor and in the world we live in today,  more than likely a prescription will be prescribed.  Not all doctors will immediately suggest a prescription and we would like to share our opinion that we believe nature had a plan and we should try to solve things naturally first.  There are many doctors that may suggest you find some self-care practices like yoga or walking, etc. 

It’s important to understand the difference between a prescription and nature’s plant (natural remedy) and how our bodies respond. How your body sends and receives signals to the brain is absolutely important.   If you have a newer model car and there is something wrong with the computer and the dash lights keep coming on and off or the radio doesn’t work you would go get it fixed and you would want them to replace the part instead of modifying it? You want your signals to work the best they can without overriding the computer right?

Nature had a plan for us and should we find times in our day or life where we are faced with too many thoughts or with high RPM in your mind, there is a natural defense system you should know about that can help you when you need to cool down.  

We believe that once you know you have this system and once you know that CBD absolutely interacts in a beneficial manner with this system (ECS) then you’ll FULLY be able to experience the benefits.

We cannot explain your human ECS in this blog because it deserves it’s own BLOG post, but you should Google search the terms  “ CBD and my ECS”. (To read more about your ECS click HERE) In short, you have an internal regulatory system that will monitor your mind for RPM and attempt to make adjustments naturally.  This is exactly the same thing that a prescription does except the prescription will ALTER your brain signals, as in tell your brain how to respond, overriding nature.

When you take something from nature that is organic such as cannabis hemp CBD, your body begins to toughen up its resources inside and begin to send signals and receive signals differently in an effort to help calm you naturally.    Your ECS is receiving the nutrients it needs to be able to build up these defenses and send signals to help you in your time of need.

Anxiety is not a DIS-ORDER. Anxiety happens when: you have a job, you have a test, you have children, you are late for school, you haven’t called your parents in a while, you can’t figure out what to wear, you are buying a house, getting married, etc. Everyone experiences anxiety and nature has powerful plants that may help. Do you drink coffee ☕️ to wake up? Then you should try CBD to wind down.

We are now more than two years in business and are very excited to share helpful and factual information about CBD so you can determine if it is an option for you. If you have any questions please contact us through the website.