CBD for Anxiety

Healthy Hemp Oil CBD for Anxiety

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User Feedback and medical reports are showing the following:

CBD OIL Tinctures, under tounge sublingual delivery:

Tincture drops when used under their tounge help with anxiety and depression overall as a part of daily balance. Use this method as a daily suppliment, sublingual drops take about 30 minutes to settle into your bloodstream, and will last from 2-6 hours. May also help with getting a good start to your day, as well as helping relax and rest at night, sleep better, wake refreshed. 


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Vaping helps with immediate anxiety to help "take the edge off". Also fast acting for situational anxiety like public speaking, difficult matters, etc. Vaping take about 3 minutes to settle into your bloodstream, will last 1-3 hours.


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Most clients will take CBD every day for the first few days, or until they feel their CBD OIL Balance Point has been reached. Then most will taper usage down to just a few times a week to maintain balance - you know yourself best.

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