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Does Verbal Abuse Cause Anxiety??

The Connection Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety Everyone Ignores

People can suffer a lot due to being yelled at, insulted, and disrespected.  Scientists explain that cyberbullying and real-life verbal abuse are seriously dangerous, as they affect both hemispheres of the human brain, and lead to numerous health issues. 

According to Sherri Gordon, a published author, and a bullying prevention expert:

“Because verbal abuse isn’t as clear-cut as other forms of abuse and bullying, like physical bullying and sexual bullying, it can be hard to identify. But that doesn’t make it any less real.

Typically, verbal abuse involves some sort of verbal interaction that causes a person emotional harm. For instance, when someone is being downright critical, acting out in anger, and using words to try to control another person, this is verbal abuse.

This, in turn, leaves a victim questioning who they are. In fact, it is not uncommon for a victim of verbal abuse to feel inadequate, stupid, and worthless. After all, they are being defined by a verbally abusive person.

If verbal abuse occurs in a dating relationship, it can be particularly confusing because the partner is likely not abusive all the time. As a result, when the abuser is loving and gentle the victim can forget all the about the negative behavior.

Ultimately, the victim ends up ignoring the pattern of verbal abuse or makes excuses for the behavior saying things like he is just stressed out or he is going through a tough time right now.‚ÄĚ

Verbal abuse can lead to the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines
  • Eating disorders
  • Digestive issue

Short-Term Symptoms

  • Overthinking
  • Indecisiveness
  • Lack of enthusiasm and low self-esteem

Verbal abuse can be manifested through various kinds of behaviors, and the following can be clear signs of it:

1. Mood Killer

Abusers need to be in control of the situation, so they make you feel bad and spoil your good mood whenever possible since they feed when you are sad.

2. Name-Calling

Name-calling is a way to manipulate others and harm the victim.

3. Abusers Are Always Right

Abusers never apologize or enter a discussion about their behavior, as they believe they are never wrong.

4. Blame

Abusers blame other people for everything, in order to make them feel guilty and never good enough.

5. Jokes

If done without consent and permission of the other, joking can cause harm to the person affected.

6. Attack Interests

Abusers usually attack the hobbies, and interests of other people, making them feel worthless, and even end up lying.

7. Disrespect

Abusers usually disrespect others and do not appreciate anything other people do, making them feel useless and empty.

8. Behind Closed Doors

Abusers usually torment their victims behind closed doors, when no one can see them. Verbal abuse can happen at school, work, and at home, leading to severe trauma. 

9. Isolation

Abused people often live isolated and avoid socializing, in order to protect themselves. They feel anxious when with other people since they lack self-confidence. In case you notice this, do your best to help this person.


Healthy Hemp Outlet Note:  any type of abuse is unacceptable and we hope this article gives  insight into how something like words and bullying can have a long term harmful effect. This can  ultimately lead to PTSD which is one of the criteria for a medical marijuana card in many states.  If you yourself suffered or witnessed any type of abuse growing up there may be a PTSD trigger inside you that causes mood and emotional decline.  If you have children  we hope you understand that it might seem trivial when disciplining or punishing but please be very careful what you say and how you discipline children. And please understand that everything you say and do around them will have a lasting affect. 

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All Natural CBD Products that can help when Anxiety is present:

CBD Vape, CBD Flower or CBD PreRolls:

CBD Flower is Hemp Flower in the raw. This should be just as easy as thinking about Broccoli that is RAW. The Broccoli is not in edible format until you heat it up. When you cook broccoli, it becomes softer but it also becomes - more healthy. This is because there is a natural transformation from RAW state to Cooked State - think of water that is on a stove, when heated it changes state from a liquid (water) to a gas (vapor) when heated. So there is a quick science lesson, and when Hemp CBD changes state from Raw Flower to heated flower - you get all of the cannabinoids.

Why CBD Vape for Anxiety?

When you inhale CBD from a vape pen or flower device, you bypass the digestive system, the CBD that is in the SMOKE is collected in your lungs and enters your bloodstream FAST - about 30 seconds. Since anxiety tends to happen soon, like a panic attack or situational anxiety, you may want a response to fight it to also work fast. For example, if you eat a CBD Gummy, you will need to wait over 30 minutes for the CBD Gummy to digest before it is ready (bio-available) to the body, so if you want to treat a sudden panic attack with CBD, your best bet is to use a CBD vape or CBD Flower. 

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Why CBD Oil for Anxiety?

CBD Oil enters the body and reaches the bloodstream by way of Sublingual method. Under your tongue is where this happens. If you look under your tongue in a mirror you will see blood vessels, this is where it is easiest for any compound to enter your body - there is no digestion, and no skin/dermis to penetrate - it is a direct connection to your bloodstream. When you use CBD Oil on a daily basis with a CBD Tincture Oil, you may see positive outcomes when you take a CBD Dose in the AM, and another CBD Dose in the PM. By spreading out your CBD intake, and by taking it sublingually, you are basically energizing your body's homeopathic power plant - your EndoCannabinoid System over a steady 24 hours and should see a total reduction in stressors and agitators over a few days. Things ought to stop bothering you as much, perhaps you can focus on important things as you tend to worry less and less about every shinny object. CBD may help your body's ECS balance your mood and help you relax easier, or at least help you not get triggered easily.

HH Outlet has been in the HEMP CBD business for over 4 years now and has spoken to over 1000 anxiety clients regarding hemp cbd for anxiety relief. Our answers rest on the facts and science about Cannabis - and that all humans have an internal digestive system called your EndoCannabinoid System that uses CBD to help you when needed. This should always be the first step towards any anxiety program designed to lower anxiety. Besides, the folks that invented your human body, and cannabis, they built a relationship that the smartest doctors still may not fully understand, but we can tell you that cannabis was the plan, from our creators, to be used when needed. Want proof, then do a google search for: "CBD and my ECS".

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With over 4000 clients served, HH Outlet has provided CBD OIL to a wide range of clients and we have an extensive CBD Reviews Collection. We have direct client CBD Testimonials from that stated - CBD from HH Outlet helped with anxiety, pain and sleep challenges. 


CBD Oil is like a fuel for your body's¬†ECS -¬†Endocannabinoid System. Look up ‚ÄúCBD and my ECS‚ÄĚ on google please. What you will learn is that your ECS is very much like your car's diagnostic computer and it not only¬†senses problems,¬†it can also help with the symptoms by¬†"reducing the severity". Read our¬†BLOG¬†for more info on your ECS.


Most clients try CBD every day for the first 4-5 days, or until they feel their CBD OIL Balance Point has been reached. After 4 years online as a CBD Only Store, and with our Healthy Hemp Outlet Retail Store in St. Petersburg, FL we have spoke with more than 1,000 clients and found - most people begin to receive benefits after taking just 10mg (minimum) of CBD Oil. There are some that required more strength and tried 30mg - these clients complained of pain or stress levels higher than a Level 7, but at least 10mg has been the minimum recommendation from other clients when they give advice to try in the beginning. Click ( Here ) to view our CBD Dosage Guide.

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Last year Healthy Hemp Outlet helped more than 2,000 shoppers find and purchase high quality CBD HEMP OIL.  In America, we all face anxiety and it ranges from 1-10. Even anxiety at level 2 can cause symptoms, most clients will tell us they are about an (5-9) level.  These same clients have provided feedback letting us know they have noticed/experienced positive benefits from CBD products found on our website, and felt it was beneficial to add CBD to their "self care" needs. In some cases these clients mentioned also using other pharmaceutical prescription drugs that they either would like to reduce or remove from their life. Our clients have reported mostly success stories. Occasionally there may be a complaint that Hemp CBD does not help or improve, however, this is reported less than 1% of the time. 


When you learn more about cannabis you’ll begin to learn how Cannabinoids, and CBD in general, help your body naturally to alleviate Anxiety and pain discomfort. If you trust the concept of coffee being a plant-based product that has caffeine and when you consume it you can expect energy, cannabis can be imagined to be the opposite and when you consume it you should not expect energy but you might be able to expect calming and relief.


Yes, Each Vendor on our site has met the criteria for their State and National USA HEMP Standards and Regulations. All Hemp Suppliers and Hemp Vendors have submitted a third party COA Lab Report which can be found on our website (for the latest COA report please feel free to contact us online). Our Hemp Vendors typically use a Seed to Sale operation and offer a range of: Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD and Zero THC products. 


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Think of a Rainbow, it has SEVEN (7) colors, and is also called a Spectrum of Light. These SEVEN colors make up a FULL SPECTRUM. If Blue is missing, you do not have a Full Spectrum anymore. But don't worry, since CBD is the MAIN cannabinoid you are seeking when shopping for hemp derived CBD Products - most CBD Full Spectrum products have ample amounts of CBD, but have Very Little amounts of the other Hemp Cannabinoids. If there is a trace amount of other cannabinoids, like CBG, or CBC, or - that counts and the product can be called Full Spectrum CBD Products . Most Full Spectrum CBD Products also have trace amounts of THC.



As you research Cannabis Hemp and the full spectrum CBD Oil market, you will read about the "Entourage Effect". If you want the maximum available cannabinoids from the hemp plant, you will want true FULL SPECTRUM CBD products.


Every CBD product should come with a report called known in the Hemp Industry as the COA - Certificate of Analysis Report. On this report you can see the presence of, or absence of,  the Cannabinoids. Naturally you should see CBD as the largest amount. Then you may see: THC, and possibly CBC and CBG or CBN. If you only see CBD and THC, and no other cannabinoids are showing up (may also see ND which stands for Not Detected), you may want to consider this when evaluating Full Spectrum CBD Products because the entourage effect relies on the principal that "more is better". If CBD is a strong Cannabinoid, and it has other plant based cannabinoids like CBG and CBC it can use to Make a Stronger Team - this is the concept behind Entourage Effect. 


The Extraction process is Distillate one. A distillate happens when specific liquids are used to Separate the Hemp Cannabinoids from the plant (instead of C02 heat) and since this is a longer and more delicate process - it preserves more of the cannabinoids and delivers a better grade of CBD oil. Our HHO 900 PLUS is a delicate cannabis extract. Using this Distillate process to extract from the cannabis plant to help retain a better full spectrum cbd product. This extraction process is more time consuming than C02, so a distillate cannabis extraction may cost a bit more.

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If the entourage effect requires other hemp cannabinoids to be present (5 or more), what happens when a product that has ZERO THC - like CBD Gummies is evaluated?

Don't worry, CBD is the Largest Cannabinoid found in the HEMP plant and has been studied long enough now to show that by itself (isolated) - a CBD Isolate is an effective tool all by itself. Most users of CBD Isolate products have a job or personal reason why they want Zero THC. However, if you are seeking the most available and All Natural Hemp CBD extraction, then shop for CBD Products that use a distillate process.