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What is Breathwork


what is breathwor

When you breath you don't need to control your breathing, your body does it naturally. Occasionally you may remember to "take a deep breath", If you are exercising you breath differently, if you are frightened you breath differently. 
If your breathing is controlled by your mind, feelings and emotions - what do you think would happen if you PRACTICED BREATHING with a GUIDED COACH in a CLASS DESIGNED by PROFESSIONALS all for the sake of aligning self and reaching balance. 
Search the internet for "what is breathwork" and you will find videos like the one below. Take a few minutes to hear about breathwork and stress, pain, sleep, PTSD


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- Garre Liana: 

Yoga guide 500 RYT
Spiritual guide/wellness coach
Steel Mace Flow Level 1 coach @steelmaceflow
Breathwork guide