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Owner Bio: Healthy Hemp Outlet, Adam Wick, Cannabis Public Speaker

Cannabis Owner Bio: Adam Wick

Business: Healthy Hemp Outlet

Model: Online Hemp CBD Education and Sales, Local Retail with Free Cannabis Education, High Quality CBD and Delta 8 Products, and fast friendly Cannabis Explanations that make people happy about their experience at Healthy Hemp Outlet, and with their HHO CBD Purchase. 

Adam spent 20 years in Computer IT Sales climbing every year from Telemarketing Sales Rep, to Channel Account Manager for large IT Vendors, to Business Development for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Center Solutions. 

It was during these 20 years of hands on high volume IT sales that Adam witnesses the rapid growth (market excitement), to rapid scale (public acceptance), to rapid decline (poor execution), and many other enterprise skills. While at HP it was common for at least 12 new well funded IT companies to compete for the same business that HP had earned years ago. These new solutions NEVER STOPPED FIGHTING causing Adam to use a leader/enabler solution style that helps clients get involved and charged for their expected benefits. "clients don't walk into your store, or visit you online, if they aren't interested", "Sales has always been about human emotions and when you are ready to learn you are at a very emotional moment", says Adam! 

" I realized that once someone learns the HOW and WHY cannabis works, it is truly a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE"! For decades we followed any doctor's advice because we were lead to believe their education was far superior to anyone else's. While this is 97% true, most doctor's did not learn about the Human Endo Cannabinoid System. This amazing system is too large to define  here, but it was this discovery that came into Adam's life that PUSHED him to open a Cannabis Business. 

"When I learned about the human ECS, I could not believe that the government was not passing HEMP out for free"? This amazing natural plant has a Direct Biological connection to our human body - end of story! This is pure Facts & Science which you cannot refute. In Sales you can lose or damage your brand if you let clients down or your brand fails in use. When you have evidence like the HUMAN ECS and you have first hand experience, as well as over 200 CBD Testimonials, you have the highest amount of CONFIDENCE when selling Cannabis. This is undoubtedly a large reason why so many want to get into the Cannabis business - most have seen the benefits and cannot wait to tell the world.

So that's what Adam did in April of 2017. He opened a Hemp Online business and learned every day about the many topics that clients ask about, and he learned what facts and science mattered most. Once Adam applied his unique sales talk about Cannabis into human talk that anyone could understand, he was able to pass the education information along easily just like your having a dinner conversation.