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Are your patients telling your stafff and doctor about their CBD use in the exam room? Is your Office and staff familiar enough with CBD to understand how to listen to their experience and then be able to “Better” respond for next steps?

Healthy Hemp CBD information and overview


Medical colleges did not teach about the Human Endocannabinoid System because Cannabis was criminal in the 1900’s (when medical research was growing via scientific breakthroughs in technology), so unfortunately most Medical Practitioners are not even “aware” of the ECS.

Hemp CBD education for your medical practice from HH outlet healthy hemp outlet

You should have a basic understanding of Hemp CBD that is supported by real patient testimonials and positive outcomes. We share these anecdotal stories to give your Practice a competitive advantage in the emerging Cannabis and Medical Marijuana world we live in. We share our Knowledge-base of CBD Testimonials that will ultimately HELP you adjust your patient care to listen to and accommodate patients that ARE GOING TO USE CANNABIS PRODUCTS, and visit your practice and expect expert medical care and a positive outcome.

We are not suggesting that you learn how to dispense CBD, rather, we bring your awareness and education of CBD to a comfortable level where you can interact with your staff and patients and make progress through the encounter experience, or else your patient may seek another provider that is more aware and open minded. 


We have listened to clients chief complaints for 2.5 years now and have over 150 Customer Testimonials that you can read. Our 5 STAR rating on Google is the result of a clients telling us they appreciated learning about CBD in a simple and efficient way so they were able to make a decision finally - we suggest they share that online. Please read more of our reviews here: CBD REVIEWS

We created a short one hour overview we can often do early in the morning before the start of the day or some offices enjoy doing a lunch and learn. During this informative one hour overview we will:

  1. We educate you on the multiple terms (Marijuana, THC, Hemp, CBD) used throughout the industry and by patients. 
  2. We go over the cannabis plant, and it’s two varieties - did you know there are 2 types?
  3. Cannabinoid Efficacy and your Human Endocannabinoid System.
  4. Dose Guidance and suggestions - we have over 130 published testimonials and we'll share patient feedback as to which CBD dose worked, which method, do's and don'ts, etc.  
  5. CBD Samples, Q&A. 

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