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Hemp vs. Marijuana Plant 101

Hemp vs. Marijuana Plant 101, by Healthy Hemp Outlet

There are 2 pie charts below. The top chart is the HEMP PLANT. The bottom chart is the MARIJUANA PLANT. 

The BIGGEST Difference is the amount of DELTA 9 THC.

Read below about the Hemp Plant (the Orange Juice Part), and the Marijuana Plant (the Vodka Part). 

Hemp has under 30% Delta 9 THC, not enough to feel anything, no high. The arrow in the chart indicates ALL of the GOODNESS from HEMP and the other Cannabinoids like CBC and CBG. With Hemp Products you are getting the Orange Juice part of the plant... All of the other Cannabinoids are working together in an Entourage Effect giving you the most wellness from the plant...


When you buy LETTUCE at the Grocery,  you must choose a TYPE of lettuce. Usually the choice is Iceberg or Romain, and is based on either house or Cesar salad.... If you were able to buy Cannabis (Lettuce) at the store,  you will make a choice as to the TYPE of Cannabis - either HEMP (iceberg) or Marijuana (romaine). Now, the difference is the Delta 9 THC (not the dressing). 


Marijuana has over 30% DELTA 9 THC, and most recreation products have over 60% Delta 9 THC. Humans can feel a HIGH around 45% Delta 9 THC. You can choose between a MMJ product that is mostly CBD, or Mostly THC. We can help you figure it out. The Marijuana plant available TODAY is FAR MORE potent than the "POT" from the 60's. The RED COLOR in the Marijuana chart is the abundance of THC (over 50%). Notice that the CBD goodness is much less in Marijuana. With Marijuana you are getting the Vodka part of the plant....