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Each Video is for your enjoyment and the examples used were also used in our store with live clients. Their feedback suggests that these fun and basic explanations were helpful in getting a bit more understanding about HEMP and how it works.

Updated Video: CBD Dose Guide:




The chart used in this video is for guidance only and is based on the math that comes from each bottle having 30mL of liquid and each eye dropper (your dose tool) having either .5mL or 1mL. Most vendors are suggesting you buy your dose based on a 60 serving strength. This will give you a 30 day supply at minimum, and since most people take CBD as needed, buying a slightly stronger bottle can help you with peak times when you may need 2x the servings to get benefits.




Why CBD may help you get more than you thought.  A lot of clients come in with goals of CBD  helping solve one challenge. Often times clients come back and tell us they also had other benefits like: a good nights sleep, lower anxiety overall, lower tinnitus, better wellbeing - yet they came in because of a lower back pain. The reason this "total body benefit" happens is because CBD is the type of thing that once it enters your body  - it goes everywhere looking for work to do. We may want it to and think that it will only help with our pain or anxiety or ? But, CBD will have a total body benefit- similar to what is called Systemic delivery.  Watch in store example below:

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 A Different way to explain your human ECS, as a squeaky bicycle chain that you can hear. Once the oil is added to the chain, it begins to operate normally. Your ECS is a network of receptors that monitor your "normal" and if you have abnormal things like a cold, anxiety, pain from a fall - your ECS would like to help you but it needs Cannabinoids (CBD) to work best.