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Before You Buy Delta 8 THC Online, Read This!

before you buy delta 8 thc read this

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a powerful cannabinoid native to the cannabis plant and is a newer cannabis product derived from hemp. Delta 8 THC, the molecule, is natural and safe to humans - NOTE: there is also an unspoken "Buyer Be Ware" notice.

Delta 8 THC occurs in Cannabis Plants naturally, but in very small amounts. The amount of D8THC in a hemp plant is so small that you just don't extract it from the plant like you do CBD. Yes,  you probably could, but the amount of hemp flower needed might make this cost prohibitive.

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Our modern World has many Scientific tools and advancements that can create "products". Glue is a product, toothpaste is a product, and Delta 8 THC is a product, that comes from a LAB Process where the HEMP CBD Molecule is treated with ACID, HEAT occurs and the CBD molecule is converted to Delta 8 THC. Sounds simple right? Well just like the mess you make when you peel oranges and squeeze your own OJ, the process of converting CBD to D8THC - "makes a mess". In your kitchen you can simply wipe up with a wash cloth and move on. In a LAB the "mess" made during the chemical reaction creates "By-Products", or WASTE. 



Delta-8-THC has a double bond (a) between the carbon atoms labeled 8 and 9. Delta-9-THC has a double bond (a) between the carbon atoms labeled 9 and 10.


 Delta 8 THC is made by exposing the CBD molecule to an Acid, heat and by-products occur...

At this moment, where CBD is converted to D8THC, and the by-products created, this is very Alarming to scientist and chemist that understand the LAB process and the "mess" made. There is just not enough history with qualified trials to give way to data points that are referenceable. Sure, there is anecdotal evidence - and that holds value in today's "LIKE" culture.

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So before you just go online to buy Delta 8 THC, get to know the Cannabinoid a little bit more, learn how it is EXTRACTED from the Cannabis Plant - specifically how it is made by converting CBD to D8THC, and read about any vendor you have interest in! Seriously!

The Delta 8 THC market is wide open, and when there are "manufacturing costs" involved in a products life cycle - there is opportunity for a GRADE of products to show up on the market. Although we don't have all the data we'd love to have, the current market can only be graded by the vendors - Quality Control Process, and their Attention to monitoring any Impurities - such as the ones made during the CBD to D8THC conversion. It is possible that a novice processor or LAB is learning while they are making their Delta 8 THC. There are also vendors that have invested in quality cannabis plant and cannabinoid researchers and specialist, like Greg G, who can guide a Delta 8 THC vendor through a quality controlled extraction process. 

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