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All Natural Plant Based Pain Relief

All Natural Plant Based Pain Relief is available.

Every day I speak with someone new that seems to question how plant based pain relief is possible with so many drugstore solutions available and for sale?

Yes, there are dozens of drugstore solutions for pain management and relief, however there is an increasing trend towards all natural plant based relief. As we evolve with the latest science tools and research data we are seeing more and more all natural choices being made. For example, how did WholeFoods become so strong as a grocery store option? 

We all experience pain and discomfort in our lives. For some it may be an infrequent occurrence, and to others pain is a challenging part of daily life. Whatever the duration, the experience of living with pain can be both mentally and physically draining.

For those who are seeking comfort through natural means, there are various options which can prove useful without the side effects of many drugs. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or simply want this knowledge in your arsenal, keep these options in mind.


1. Cinnamon


You can thank cinnamon for helping to reduce pain, especially in terms of joint discomfort and arthritis. The presence of cinnamaldehyde is a compound which provides anti-inflammatory assistance. In addition, you can count on cinnamon to keep cramps at bay, especially considering the scientific findings confirming its effectiveness.

Maple Cinnamon Chia Bowl


It’s incredibly easy to amp up your cinnamon intake. Add a hefty dose to morning recipes like this Maple Cinnamon Chia Bowl or Apple, Pecan, and Cinnamon Overnight Oats. Turn it into a delicious appetizer with some Sugar-Free Cinnamon Cardamom Plum Jam for a gratifying flavor fusion.

Although less traditional, cinnamon can also be worked into veggie entrees. Put it to use in this Cinnamon Roasted Pumpkin With Tahini Yogurt and Hazelnut Dukkah for an extra-memorable meal. For a more simple rendition, some Cinnamon Roasted Crown Prince Squash offers the ideal blend of warmth and spice.


2. Cherries

As delicious as these are, cherries also play a valuable role in pain reduction. Specifically,¬†tart cherries¬†are your best bet in terms of relieving pain‚Äď particularly for¬†muscles,¬†joints, and arthritis among others. Thanks to those anthocyanins and¬†polyphenols, pain can be limited by the¬†reduction of inflammation¬†and has depicted comparable¬†effectiveness¬†to aspirin.


Although classic cherries are easier to access and more commonly included in recipes, tart cherry is the goal here. But don‚Äôt be discouraged‚Äď just substitute tart cherry in for the normal ones in your dishes that call for it. For example, try out these¬†Peanut Cinnamon Crepes With Cherry Yogurt Filling¬†for an added pain-fighting boost from the cinnamon.

Raw Cherry Dumplings

You can also bring cherries into the entree with some Wild Rice Salad With Sweet Potato, Cherries and Pecans, balancing skillfully between sweet and savory. Make them the star of a dish in this Stewed Cherries With Rosemary recipe, which is the perfect unique dessert. Or, for an unexpected rendition, whip up these Raw Cherry Dumplings to brighten and flavor your day.


3. Beets



When it comes to being a powerhouse of pigment and health, beets can’t be beat. Few would have guessed that they’re also great for helping manage pain as well. The deep color and pain-killing qualities of beets come from betalains, which are antioxidants useful in calming areas of agitation. These allow for the alleviation of pain, and have been scientifically shown to do so for arthritic subjects especially.

Creamy Beet and Ginger Soup With a Coconut Swirl

There are so many delicious approaches to integrating beets more frequently into meals. For breakfast, turn them into this Beetroot Cake Porridge to add an early-morning surge of benefits. Some Creamy Beet and Ginger Soup With a Coconut Swirl at lunch or dinner will add extra pain-killing properties from the ginger.

You can also play around with the texture of beets in endless variations. Pack them into this Beetroot and Chickpeas Burger as a hearty way to tame hunger. Or, harness its beautiful color by making a Lemon Beet Hummus With Poached Pistachios and dip until your heart’s content.

4. Papaya

Japan expert/Flickr

This forgotten fruit is an honorable underdog. Papaya has papain, an enzyme that reduces inflammation and has been used historically to treat discomfort. This assists with easing pain by breaking down the proteins which cause it. In fact, it is sometimes injected into sites of pain as a method of relief.

Spicy Papaya Salad With Smoky Roasted Peanuts

Don’t just limit your papaya consumption to morning fruit dishes. Although classic incorporations like this Raw Papaya Apple Smoothie is perfect for a fruity refreshment, feel free to experiment further! Bring it into main courses with this Spicy Papaya Salad With Smoky Roasted Peanuts for optimal taste and texture. Another fitting no-brainer is a quick Tremendous Papaya Salsa to spice up simple meals.

5. Cayenne

For those of you who like to turn up the spice, cayenne can also ease pain in the process. You can thank the capsaicin inside for its ability to reduce pain signals to the brain. Even though this ingredient is often used topically for pain, you can also work it into your diet. In fact, cayenne has been hailed as an analgesic which can also be harnessed to help with chronic pain.

Spicy Roasted Chickpea Spread Sandwich

Add cayenne to dishes like this Spicy Roasted Chickpea Spread Sandwich for a filling and flavorful lunch. Or, sprinkle some into this Raw Spicy Thai Carrot Soup With Zucchini Noodles to perk up your senses.

Crunchy snacks are also wonderful vehicles for this ingredient. These Spicy Golden Turmeric Cashews can give you even more pain support, thanks to the turmeric joining this recipe. You can even incorporate cayenne into desserts for a little kick of heat, especially in this Hot Cross Bundt Cake.

6. Acai

Lastly, who knew that one of the biggest food crazes on the block had pain relief potential? In fact, acai contains antioxidants and polyphenols which allow it to act similarly to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that are often taken for pain. Recent scientific findings have unearthed acai’s effectiveness in reducing pain as well.

Açaí Blueberry Bars With Chocolate

While it may be tempting and familiar, don’t just go for the expected acai bowl. You can play around with it in so many other dimensions, starting out with some Açaí Blueberry Bars With Chocolate.

It’s also the perfect component in healthy desserts, such as these Acai Berry and Banana Mini Cheesecakes which are perfect for a sweet tooth-satisfying bite. Another foolproof option is to create this impressive Avocado Chocolate Cake With Açaí.

7. Blue Lotus

This is one that you may not be familiar with. Blue lotus is a flowering plant often used to handle pain when it comes to ear problems, headache, and muscle problems. This is because of Apomorphine, which helps to ease pain by stimulating dopamine receptors. Research on the full analgesic abilities of blue lotus is still new in development, so be cautious with this one.

The best and easiest way to ingest blue lotus is by brewing it into a healing tea. You can do so by soaking in boiling water for a few minutes before drinking.

With the help of these foods, you can look forward to less pain in a natural, healing way. Although each individual can have their own unique experiences with how these ingredients help their bodies, they’re certainly worth testing out on your own.

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