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Your Human ECS and Pain Sensation

(short blog opinion)

What is CBD and What is my ECS with CBD?

In our store we are talking to more and more folks before they purchase their first CBD product. Usually someone has heard about CBD and the benefits and comes in asking for CBD but does not know how or why it works. If CBD were like most BIG-Pharma DRUGS, then yes, you probably wouldn't want to have your doctor tell you how and why a DRUG from a Pharmaceutical has an effect in and on your body.

Lets get back to your HUMAN ECS and why you should know about it. To give your ECS the attention it deserves, lets review some generally agreed upon "medicinal" descriptions about your ECS and what it does. First - your body only has 7 "systems" and some of those are your: CardioVascular System, Reproductive System, Central Nervous System, Skin (dermis) , Skeleton (bones), Digestive System and EndoCannabinoid System. Now, pick 3 you can live without???? You can't... You may not use your reproductive system or EndoCannabinoid System for years, but Nature intended you to use it. Here is the How and Why.

Why do you have an ECS?

It's probably because when human beings were created 1000's of years ago, there was no CVS, there were no PILLS and if you wanted a remedy you would use Nature and eat or drink something organic. You already know you can put Aloe on a burn, drink Orange Juice for vitamin-c, but you don't know why you need Cannabis in your bloodstream. It is generally believed that your human ECS was intended to be Natures method of treating pain sensation, anxiety and to help promote a general wellbeing and balance in your life. Let me repeat that - YOUR ECS NEEDS CANNABIS TO HELP YOUR BODY AND MIND BALANCE PAIN AND ANXIETY SEVERITY. 

How does your ECS work? 

This is not a medical summary, just a blog post, so work with this general summary of your ECS. It is generally shared that your ECS works as an entire network of receptors (contact points) inside your brain, body, vital organs - everywhere. It's like a system that is monitoring your body's balance, pain, anxiety, fear.... When it senses any of these challenges, your body's ECS - WHEN CANNABIS is in your bloodstream, will help to minimize the pain and inflammation feeling while trying to get you back to your BALANCED Mood. I did not do a great job of explaining the medical reasons how, but like most good advice - look it up on the internet and google this: "my human ECS and CBD".

The medical community should be very excited now that we are seeing new laws written allowing medicinal cannabis back into our dietary intake. As we continue to grow our medical research, and as we continue to hear countless testimonials about positive outcomes, it is highly likely that everyone will know about the ECS and will know how to help regulate our own natural remedies for stress, anxiety and pain.... Say hello to Cannabis and help your ECS do its magic.