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Vaping CBD OIL For PTSD, Bad Memories and Your Wedding Day.

(Owner's BLOG POST, non-medical summary based on PTSD articles and client feedback & interaction).

PTSD is a term used to describe a "Past Tramatic Stress Event" and that event has lingering effects in your current life. In clinical terms, DISORDER describes just how gripping this can be on your life as it may affect you in ways you may not be able to control (Disorder). I am not a doctor but was told this previously and it made sense. I started to research PTSD to see if it was an isolated DISORDER, or if it was more common that we think? 

 In fact, PTSD could also be called "Post Tramatic Stress Memories". The term "DISORDER" naturally causes many folks that do not have a clinical diagnosis to run the other direction when they hear "PTSD".  We all want to live well and the idea that we have DISORDER seems to have a negative image. 

Well Stress is not a DISORDER and having Memories from your past is not a DISORDER. What PTSD has catagorized, in general terms, is the collection of memories, or just ONE MEMORY (tramatic), that has left a life long impression on you and it affects how you perceive a similar event in your current life. And regarding PTSD - that experience continues to reoccur (post) after the memory was created. And this memory is typically triggered by stimuli that is similar to the original experience and memory (a voice, sound, location, smell, picture), and those memories may cause you extreme discomfort. 

You may be thinking about veterans because we hear PTSD used frequently with Veterans. Let me stop and note that our Veterans are amazing people who served to make sure our freedom is available. The experiences Service Members expereince is not the same as a Non-Service Member. It does make sense!! Service Members experience and see life in ways others do not. They see things at times (war) that others cannot imagine. So a Veteran's PTSD is MUCH more a CLINICAL matter than what this artical is trying to share. For the rest of this blog let's think about PTSD in a non-veteran manner but remember how special and valuable our service members are to us. 


Do you remember some of your high school experiences and in particular that one person that was not polite to you or nice to you and made part of your highschool a bad experience? Maybe they bullied you around, or said things about you that devastated your highschool experience. You probably remember exactly where you were, what they were wearing, how they smelled, the tone of their voice, etc..... Do you remember planning for your biggest most expensive birthday party ever, or your wedding day and all the details you had to juggle, or do you remember a past love (experiences) that was perhaps abusive in some manner and the heart wrenching breakup you experienced and how hard it was to get over, and finally, do you remember that project required to graduate college that was due Monday (or you would not graduate) and you were procrastinating all week and then started on Sunday? If you still remember it, and don't want that experience to happen again, you may have a very light variation of PTSD. 

When you have stress you are jittery, you are worreid, you have anxiety, you are scared or have fears, your thoughts are scattered, you may feel like isolating yourself to get away, AND if a major event/failure/argument/fight or loss happens (AGAIN) you will be horrified. You DO NOT WANT the PAST MEMORY to be CREATED AGAIN. 

All past experiences that left a mark on us have one thing in common - they created STRESS in your life. Stress does NOT always mean BAD. Getting Married and planning your wedding creates anxiety and stress, you want things to go perfect and you are a stress-ball. Or when you cannot sleep the night before your first day at your NEW JOB (that you are excited about). These are also STRESS causing events.

If you have experienced something like any of the above scenarios, and you have some sad or painful memories, you may be experiencing a variety of PTSD - your memory retained a Trumatic Event from your past, and now many years later your mind is on guard to help prevent something similar from happening. Your body and mind had a hard time coping with these feelings in the past, so if it has ONE SMALL STIMULI that alerts you of a similar experience about to happen again - it starts to take action, addrenaline kicks in, heart rate inceases as your body tries to protect you from this happening again. 


CBD and PTSD, CBD and STRESS, CBD and Anxiety

Now that we've looked at PTSD and how STRESS can affect more than our service members, it may be easier to accept that almost all of us are dealing with Stress every day or we have are going thru something in our present life that reminds us of a bad past experience. For those seeking a natural way to help lower anxiety and find relief, what choices do we have? Don't get me started on Rx Prescriptions to treat this (although it is 100% necessary in some cases), I am not a fan on maintenance meds. For the holistic approach to reducing stress you can calm and sooth by using Self Love. Take care of yourself naturally, try to meditate, try yoga, try walking outside or exercise. Regarding nutrition and suppliments, try things like calming tea, foods with low or no sugar and of course Nature's MVP (Most Valuable Plant) Cannabis. 

I won't get into how or why CBD is a popular Anxiety and Stress reducer, we've had numerous testimonials on the relaxing and calming benefits of CBD for stress so we know it has medicinal value. If you are exerpiencing a stressful time in your life: Wedding, Mid-Term Exam, New Job, Losing a Job, Divorce, 50th BDAY party, your family is coming to stay with you for 5 days, you don't need to just handle the stress, you can reduce it naturally and CBD has been shown to do just that very well. 

One of the best CBD products for (situational) Anxiety is CBD Vape Pens. When you inhale CBD into your lungs, CBD is mixed with your oxygen and blood immediately and it reaches your brain and bloodstreem minutes after inhaling the vapor. Calming typically happens within minutes and a Vape Pen is easy to store, use and travel with. 

In closing, it is understandable that we all had some past life experience that we still have memories about. We are now many years past those times, but we still feel sad or hurt or lost when a similar experience is coming our way. Now you have options that do not require a medical doctor visit or Rx Prescription. You can study how CBD benefits your body and mind by searching the internet for this: "CBD and my ECS".  So don't let a stressfull scenario get the best of you, find yourself a reliable CBD VAPE solution and fight back when you feel those triggers coming on. We've talked to many clients and we share our own life stresses and experiences. You don't need to have a clinical diagnosis to enjoy CBD to help reduce stress and anxiety. And don't fear the term PTSD, we all have stress and we can all make natural efforts to reduce it. 


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