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Why Hemp Oil is NOT CBD Oil ???

How CBD oil is Different from Hemp oil

The medicinal nature of Marijuana is gradually proving the forces against the use of weed wrong. The strong back up from scientific research has already made legislatures in States such as Arizona and some Nations to allow medical Marijuana. The demand for Marijuana products is rising all over the world especially because of its medicinal value. One issue that is continuing to cause more confusion among the new users is the difference between Hemp and CBD oil. Unclear reference and use of undefined terminologies by both manufacturers and marketers often leave the first buyers undecided on, whether the product they are getting is CBD or Hemp.

The common characteristic of CBD and Hemp oil is that they both have a medicinal effect. However, despite this one similarity, they still have a lot that differentiates them from each other. For instance, scientific studies have proved that CBD has many uses, especially in treating diseases. On the other hand, experiences show that Hemp is possibly one of the best food supplements and has enough supply of nutrients.

Differences in extraction of Hemp and CBD oil

CBD and Hemp oil come from similar species of plant but still, their contents are unique to each other.

  • The first difference between CBD and Hemp oil is that they are not derived from the same part of the plant.CBD oil comes from the flowers of Marijuana and by various extraction techniques. It also has many medicinal effects. Some of the techniques used to extract CBD oil includes; the CO2 method which is costly but gives the best quality of the oil. The CO2 method does not use solvents hence giving clean oil. Alcohol extraction is another method used. Through Alcohol extraction, a high-proof solution pulls cannabinoid out of the plant matter. The only risk with this technique is that it can destroy other important molecules in the process.


  • Hemp seed oil¬†is reachedby pressing Marijuana Seeds to acquire the fatty oil. The oil from Marijuana seeds has no medicinal value, but it is highly nutritious and offers several benefits. The best method of getting Hemp oil is through a cold press. This method removes oil from the seeds without subjecting it to temperatures that go beyond the recommended level.

Chemical differences

  • Technically, Hemp and Marijuana are the same species of plants. However, Cannabis sativa is a species of Marijuana bred to have a variety of cannabinoid, and this result in unique genetic formation with several uses. Marijuana has THC chemical which when smoked, vaporized or eaten will cause psychoactive effects.THC is the key reason the Marijuana was not authorized in most countries.


  • It is not possible to get high from Hemp because of low levels of THC that cannot be felt no matter how much is, eaten or vaporized. Hemp is legal in many countries and has various industrial use such as the manufacture of fuel, paper, food, and fiber. The breeding of Hemp plant is usually aimed towards having extremely low levels of THC.

Differences in benefits

Even though Hemp oil does not contain medicinal values like CBD oil, its ingredients give nutrition and dietary supplements. Hemp seed consists of omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and has more than 30% of fat.

Benefits of Hemp Seed oil

  • Rich source of Vitamin E

According to some specific data, Hemp seeds have about six milligrams of Vitamin E in every one hundred grams of seeds. Vitamin E helps with; regulation of the levels of cholesterol in the body, balance of hormones and promotion of skin health.

  • Supply of Phosphorus¬†

Phosphorus helps to keep the bones healthy, enhance dental health and removal of toxic substances from the body. Hemp seed is known to be the great source of Phosphorus. It contains more than one thousand milligrams of phosphorus in every 100grams of seed. This surpasses the level of phosphorus that is consumed.

  • Rich in Potassium

Potassium is one of the very important minerals. Its main function is to help with reduction of stress and anxiety. It also helps to keep the heart and the kidneys in normal operations. Hemp oil provides potassium of close to 900mg per 100g.

  • Rich source of Magnesium

The human body needs Magnesium to increase energy, reduce muscle pain, and keep up a healthy heart and to prevent migraines. Hemp is supplied with levels of Magnesium that are more than the overall daily intake. It has 400mg for every 100g.

  • Rich source of Vitamin¬†B1and¬†B2

Vitamin B1 is responsible for a healthy nervous system and it also helps to support good health of mouth, skin, liver, and eyes. Every 1.2mg of Vitamin B1 is contained in every 100g of Hemp seed. In every 100g, there is about 1.2mg of Vitamin B2. This Vitamin helps the body with energy production. The daily consumption of this Vitamin is about 1.7mg.Therefore its supply helps to fulfill daily intake need.


Benefits of CBD oil

What makes CBD oil more useful than Hemp are its medicinal elements such as:

  • CBD oil for Treatments for Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease that causes a lot of pain and is also one of the death-causing diseases mostly in the Western Countries. Studies show that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potential anti-cancer drug and it has also been found to contain antitumor properties. It also helps to relieve pain that is associated with cancer. A famous actor such as Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg uses Marijuana for its CBD to find relief from inflammatory causing diseases.

  • CBD oil for Treatment of Brain Tumor

Research done by various medical institutions in the States show; that Cannabidiol (CBD) has anti-tumor properties, which makes a potential treatment for brain tumor.

  • CBD for treatment of Epilepsy

Children suffering from various types of Epilepsy can greatly benefit from CBD oil. This was proved by a study treatment that had 19 children as participants. At the end of study treatment with CBD oil, it was found that about 84% of the participants got relief from seizure. Improvement in sleep, anxiety reduction and alertness were also among the benefits results discovered.

  • CBD oil for pet treatment

Experience and testimonies from pet owners show that CBD oil can help pets with pain and cut anxiety which is a major problem with some dogs and Cats. Manufacturers have developed specific types of CBD oil that can be used for treatments of animals without causing any psychopathic effect.



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