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CBD PRICE DROP as Market Changes

Welcome to Healthy Hemp OUTLET. We started with a mission - to become a great OUTLET where you can find National Brands at market pricing and also find smaller - local CBD Vendors with their own Special CBD products. Each Vendor is required to have Certified product with COA reports on their CBD products.

So why do prices change on HHOUTLET? When we work with our vendors, we plan along with their production runs. You see, HEMP CBD is a plant and a crop that is grown and turned into a healthcare product. Sometimes there is a great crop that yields a large amount of High Quality Hemp CBD, and just like climate changes can affect the availability of Strawberries at the market, sometimes HEMP Crops fall short of their yield.

When the Yield is low, sometimes tho pricing can be a bit more due to the (less) supply and demand laws. When the crop yield is large (more supply) the pricing is adjusted to help encourage a larger quantity per order purchased. When this occurs, HHOUTLET buys in at a better rate and we are able to PASS along our CBD special discounted pricing to you!

If at any time you have purchased in the past and you now see a higher price, please send us a text with you old order # and we will check on the pricing for a match to the prior pricing, or just text us to let us know you read this and we'll give you a discount code too :)

Thank you,

Adam, Owner
Healthy Hemp Outlet

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