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What The Future Might Look Like for Cannabis CBD?

The idea for this blog post came after talking with one of our CBD vendors, discussing the industry and how some CBD vendors have started to create products with a variety in their formulations. Did you know the cannabis plant has over 100++ available cannnabinoids (not just the 2 more popular - CBD and THC). As the cannabis plant is more and more researched, there will more than likely be various different formulations of these cannabinoids that  are formulated for specific use cases. For a minute think about the Craft Beer options you have today. These come from mixing the hops, barley, wheat, and other ingredients so it makes sense that Cannabis and CBD will also have formulated options in the future. 

Currently the advertising laws for cannabis do not allow medical claims of any type to be made so it’s technically wrong to advertise a specific CBD type of product like “CBD Tea for Anxiety Relief” and make a specific claim about the product like “our CBD has been formulated to help lower anxiety”.

At  The time of writing this article there are some companies that are beginning to leverage the improving advertising rules and new laws and their adds are appearing on Facebook and other social media sites but mostly as “hemp only” products. Looking past 2019 as our laws get better,  in the future it will most likely be ok to legally endorse a CBD product for a specific type of self-care need.

Big Pharma and Health Care vs “Self-Care”:

We trust that American mentality and perception of our own health will improve greatly over the next hundred years.  For the past hundred years we have trusted medicine to help with aches and pains and stress and have seen that after 50 steady years of giving Americans a PILL for every uncomfortable symptom, the outcome is possibly not what any of us predicted. Opioid addiction and fatalities???  Nature would not do that to us, so why do some medications end up making matters worse? People are going to want better outcomes and more happy times in life and prescriptions just haven’t seem to have measured up to what they’re advertising on TV anymore - which is the happy life and happy ending.

We feel that cannabis will be central to the awareness and growth of what we like to call your own “SELF CARE”.  And this will be more obvious as people learn about and understand  - your EndoCannabinoid System.  


Your Human Organs Are Important and Have Specific Jobs to Do!

Hh Outlet ECS

When you  talk about the human body’s survival skills, you learn about internal organs and you will  hear the word “system” - your “systems” are pretty important - like your cardiovascular system is necessary to breathe, and your digestive system is helpful when you eat (you need to turn that food into energy). Your body also has an ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS). When cannabinoids are introduced in the bloodstream good things happen and  (anecdotally) there have been over 1000 positive results shared on YouTube and other social media sites. Try yourself by searching online for your own interest, just use the key words “CBD” in your search like: “CBD for insomnia”. 

With education comes advancement and cannabis is by far one of the most universally recognized “self care” and “adult choice / recreational” plants that could ever be researched.  The younger generation is learning about the cannabis plant through various mediums and will be well equipped to make their own adult choices and decisions much earlier in life . And  this will be possible because the subject of cannabis is highly known (by now) to be more Useful than Harmful to us. 


Looking Ahead:

Back to the conversation we had this morning!  We looked back hundreds of years at Hemp History and looked ahead a couple hundreds of years into hemps future.   The past is where cannabis was criminalized before it was medically studied. For the future to offer friendly and usable acceptance of cannabis our Legacy laws, and lawmakers, and law enforcement will need to be rewritten, retrained or rehired to see cannabis CBD become our number one over the counter go-to product for self-care.

Ideally over the next 25 to 50 years  there will be more education shared to all humans that is easy to understand. With more awareness about the true upside of CBD  there will be more support gained. Just like everybody knows vitamin C is good for a cold, in the future everybody will know CBD is good for a sore ankle.

We also believe the younger generation is growing up with far more information at their fingertips and as much as parents and adults might say social media is eroding social interactions, what it is giving us is what’s known as peer to peer data sharing (anecdotal) and this is where most people are learning who and what to try or trust on their own.  For example if you were hiking and later that evening noticed you had a rash, you could Google search your symptoms and compare pictures and then watch  YouTube videos related to your symptoms and within one hour have a awareness of what you think is going on.  

This type of information sharing that we do with others via social media, sharing on FB and personal blogs is helpful but only considered to be anecdotal data. It is data from others like you and I that hasn’t been scientifically recorded and processed in a manner that is considered medical research.What we are seeing happen with the Generation X mentality is that people will trust personal stories and accounts shared via YouTube videos from people who are just like them before they might trust a Doctor that they have never met (was in their network), but was on their insurance plan.  What if upon seeing the rash this new doctor (fresh out of medical residency) decided to  prescribe a prescription that might be medically researched to help ( but could be steroids or some other intervention that you don’t approve of -  probably because you also read online that this medication had side effects ). This person may not want a drug and seek a more natural remedy. This person might just trust their gut after watching five YouTube videos and decided to simply go get some CBD and try it, or go and try aloe for XYZ, or Lavender for XYZ, etc before rushing to go see a medical doctor.

So what will your own personal self-care look like in 100 years from now? We don’t think that Cannabis and/or CBD is the only thing you need for wellness, nor is it the one thing that is going to make everybody’s life better. Instead, we think that through cannabis education and people becoming more aware of how important plants and the various different things that come from them interact with our body, we’re going to see newer more educated consumers - and more educated companies create foods that are actually good for those systems and not bad like processed foods are. 

We believe that medicine will be created by people that don’t want to see the body be manipulated in its eforts to help imotive your balance and condition. Medicine will be created by people that want to see the body embrace all the power of nature gave it and do the best we can with plants first and then possibly take a more medical and invasive approach.  Perhaps this is the intention of all medical professionals but the education received in the 1900s doesn’t appear to embrace natural and or organic therapies.  As a culture we should start there (plants) and then as needed progress to more stronger or evasive measures (medications). 

We hope that with continued awareness and people introducing cannabis in a safe and healthy way into their diet we will begin to see a better quality of life increase over the next hundred years. Just think about the last hundred years and there are now more than 50% of Americans who are on an antidepressant, why is that and is that something that you think nature had in mind for you?

We also hope that new lawmakers and doctors and every day Americans will all continue to learn and become more aware of the intricacies of nutrition and health and our environment,  we can’t be getting smarter as a a culture just to ruin our health and existence quicker!

We believe that the tide is going to change and people are gonna start taking care of themselves, and the environment, and the world and we will all just be one happy and healthy planet. 

 * This BLOG is a personal summary from many of the team members at Healthy Hemp Outlet. It is also a summary gathered from discussions with clients about their personal "self-care" goals. This is not a scientific summary or report type of post. Our goal is to help create an open forum where anyone can talk about Cannabis and CBD and get the facts and info they need and currently there isn't enough data out there other than personal testimonials. We trust our gut and our clients feedback and hope you enjoy the entertainment provided from this blog.

Adam, Owner

 Healthy Hemp Outlet