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What Pet Owners say about CBD for Dogs

When we started our CBD store Online in 2017 the first trend we noticed was that CBD for dogs was selling much more than any other product. We paid special attention to this and did a lot of research, nothing scientific other than talking with clients and hearing their experience.


 In general CBD oil is safe for dogs and has been shown (based on client feedback) to help with dog anxiety that could come either from loud fireworks or separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety in dogs tends to be the most talked about topic because as you may have heard dogs have a memory span of only a few minutes and when you leave they don’t have the comprehension to understand that you will be coming back. This has never been devastating for all dogs but it is an emotional concern for many pet owners as they don’t want their pets up have any of the following symptoms of separation anxiety with dogs :

  • constant pacing back and forth
  • drooling profusely¬†
  • obvious agitation
  • barking at doorway
  • jitters or over stimulated

  Some of the best feedback we have ever received is from owners that have security cameras and have reported seeing their dogs actually calm down shortly after leaving the house and giving them a CBD oil treatment before leaving.  There is an actual science behind it and this article was not planning on talking about the how and why but more the who has tried it and how they have seen it help. 

 So in general there are over 1000 orders we have shipped and we have spoken with a small percent of clients who have told us their experience. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or if your dog has old age pain and you want to see if this can help it certainly is worth a shot as many others have found success and have not reported any concerns otherwise.


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