What Is CBD Flower, and How Do I Use It?

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If you are currently using CBD products, or are considered it, you’re probably wondering what the best method is for your particular needs? You have a couple of choices ranging from an oil, a gummy, a topical, or the raw dry Hemp CBD flower.  

When you find CBD flower most folks think that it is only used for inhaling (smoking). Well my friends, as with most things in life there is a (cost) benefit to buying the bulk raw ingredients, but also with most things in life - you will need to spend more time breaking down the raw product, preparing it, bottling or storing it and cleaning up. Just like corn - you can buy corn in a can (already processed), or you can plant it, cultivate it, grow it, process it, etc... So buying Bulk Hemp Flower isn't that popular yet, but in the future we think it will be as popular as Kale and Spinach


Another way to think about this is think about a cake with icing that you buy at the grocery store. While walking down the aisle you can put a completely finished cake ready to eat in your cart and take it home and enjoy it right away. The alternative would be to buy all of the ingredients separately, then when you want your cake you’ll need to prepare it, mix the flour and eggs and butter, you’ll need to use mixing tools and an oven. Well not many people want or know how to do that. Even if in the long term they would save quite a bit of money, it’s the convenience that you’re paying for and the ability to use it right away that you are benefiting. 

Now back to what is Cannabis Hemp CBD Flower and how to use it. When you go to a health and wellness CBD store to find high quality CBD products, what you are seeing is the dry flower that has already been cut from the field and processed in a facility that broke apart the plant properties and specifically yielded hemp extract that was then assembled into the final product - whether it is a tincture bottle, a package of gummy‘s, or a topical, if you follow the product from shelf back to source you will see that no matter what product you are getting it originally started out as the raw flower.

And the flower is just that, it is a flower and to some, including myself, the first time you hear that it sounds very strange. But think about other things you already purchased for human consumption such as lettuce and vegetables (Raw items), you might buy aloe vera for a sunburn (plant based gel), some people like to buy honey (extracted from bee hives) for their coffee (a bean that was ground for you). 

What Do I Do With CBD Flower?

The quick answer is that you take the raw product and heat it to a temperature above 240° and just like a raw egg cooks, the CBD flower cooks (sorta - it actually decarboxylates) and is now ready for digestive track consumption. And this is where we want you to pay specific attention because when you eat Cannabis the way nature planned you to - you might possibly get the highest profile of cannabinoids in the BEST fashion.

So to get the highest amount of cannabinoids available from the raw hemp flower plant - you can heat it so that it decarboxylates, use it as a food ingredient (butter is most popular), and consume it like your other natural food items. 



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