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What Happens When I Put CBD In My Coffee

Healthy Hemp Outlet Blogger Post:

Whenever somebody asks the question about putting CBD into coffee (or any drink), we go over the simple delivery method difference between under the tongue delivery of CBD oil vs through the stomach - known as oral delivery. You may also hear oral delivery products offered simply as edibles or gummy’s.  

This blog is intended to be a simple plant and anatomy overview. As such, opinions and knowledge levels vary, please share data or opinions. 

When you eat something it goes into your digestive system and will take approximately an hour before the bioavailability is ready for use, and during the delivery of CBD through the digestive system there is a reduction in the total strength consumed in your mouth (oral CBD delivery) because it just simply takes energy for CBD to travel through your digestive system.  So for example if you ate a 20mg gummy it would transfer through your digestive system and all along the way the 20mg is losing strength ( just like you might start a short run with a lot of energy but by the time you finish you are almost out of energy), and yes the potency is reducing from 20mg on down because of your natural digestive breakdown and by the time  your CBD  it is ready you will have lost roughly half of the strength and perhaps 8 to 10mg  of CBD is now bio available to your body,  it could be more or most likely less??

Now let’s compare to the other delivery method which is under your tongue ( sublingual delivery of CBD ). If you want to see what’s happening look in the mirror under your tongue and you’ll see a lot of blood vessels very close to the surface. When you put CBD under your tongue you’re letting the CBD transfer into your bloodstream sublingually ( gravity is taking the CBD from under your tongue into the bloodstream) which is bypassing the digestive system and the hour long wait time ( digestive breakdown time), and the digestive erosion. So if you put a 20mg of CBD oil under your tongue and let it sit for at least 20 to 30 seconds you are skipping the digestive system completely and it’s summarized that you should retain a higher degree of potency like perhaps between 11mg to 16mg from the 20mg of CBD oil that you put under your tongue. 

So now on with the quick blog about what happens when you put CBD in your coffee. If you buy a product for sublingual delivery unless it specifically says it’s OK to mix as a food or drink product you probably should take it sublingually.  The advertisement on the product shows you a milligram strength you’re expected to consume and if you take a sublingual product but consume it orally by swallowing it without leaving it under your tongue it’s going to be processed through the digestive system and lose about half of its strength.  Whether or not it adds benefit to caffeine in coffee that is another subject, the goal here was to help you understand what’s happening when you mix CBD with coffee (Or any drink).

We put some CBD in our coffee this morning and as you can see it separates and slides on the top. It doesn’t add a horrible tasting and if you like a very earthy coffee  that taste like it was sweetened with a little coconut oil - MCT Oil.

So does adding CBD to your coffee provide anything specifically to enhance or degrade CBD, that is left to be known. It doesn’t seem to have any downside other than the strength reduction so if you feel like adding it to a morning shake or coffee or favorite beverage and it helps you then by all means add CBD to your coffee.  In some ways it seems like a good idea because ultimately taking CBD at various times throughout the day in various different delivery methods certainly should improve your overall CBD experience. 

What is your experience with CBD and coffee? Please share so others can learn.

  CBD and coffee if you are looking for CBD oil near you in Saint Pete we are close  This is what it looks like when you mix CBD and coffee