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Newsstand Publication Out Now - CBD 101 from Prevention Magazine

In the early 1900s the media was one of the reasons why cannabis was criminalized and viewed as a harmful plant. It is now great to see major news publications embracing and sharing the positive news about cannabis.

Prevention Magazine  special report CBD 101

Prevention magazine created a special report and you can now pick this up in most grocery stores in convenience stores.


 Prevention magazine special report Cbd  101 Hh outlet


When you are ready to purchase CBD from a vendor, please check their vendors COA reports, or ask them for their reports, or you can shop locally or online from a reliable and trustworthy CBD store you trust. Most reputable CBD vendors and CBD businesses understand the hemp laws in the USA and seek out the most reliable and reputable CBD suppliers and partners.  You can usually tell how well a vendor or store is doing by their feedback from actual shoppers.


CBD is a variety of Cannabis that was created by Mother Nature with such a low amount of THC that you simply don’t get a “high” from CBD. It’s almost like rum cake has very little rum - so you don’t get drunk. 

CBD store prevention special report

One of the reasons many people are in the cannabis businesses because they understand how beneficial this natural organic plant is to the human body.  It’s one thing to have a basic awareness that CBD is good for you just like everybody knows that vitamin C is good for you. But  what makes CBD a truly amazing organic plant is that it interacts with a system inside your body (EndoCannabinoid System) and with this ECS you are almost guaranteed to receive benefits from CBD because it has a function to do - end of story.. All you have to do is figure out how much CBD strength per dose you need. Also, make sure you get CBD from a high-quality vendor that you can trust that has a lot of reviews that you believe.