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More Full Spectrum Examples - To Help You Find the Best CBD for YOU!

What does Full Spectrum Mean?

Full tank of gas - the fuel tank shows a full tank, not 2/3 full. So a full spectrum cbd should have a full spectrum right, not 2/3 of them? 

It may not be that big of a deal - the use of FULL a bit misleading. Here's the background on this BLOG POST. A lot of clients come into Healthy Hemp Outlet after learning a bit about CBD online. Some of the common questions we hear are: Where is your CBD from, Do you have a COA Lab Report, Is your CBD Full Spectrum? When we show clients the COA report from various brands of CBD OIL you can see that some have more CBD than others, but some also have more items (cannabinoids) in them too (see example in the pictures below).


So if one product has ONLY CBD and another has CBD and some CBG but has 0.00% of CBC - is that actually a FULL SPECTRUM? It is probably a verbal or literal matter, but clients wanted to know the difference and we want you to know this as well. If nothing else, this can help you determine WHY a CBD bottle from one vendor is 154.00 and another vendor is 85.00 - the blend/mixture is what matters. 


Over the past 3 years we've learned a lot about HEMP CBD and want you to trust our information. A very popular term - Full Spectrum, is used to describe the AMOUNT of Cannabinoids you are getting in your purchase. Each product has a Report Card - the COA Lab Report. Each report shows at least 5-7 scores for what is in the bottle like: CBD, THCa, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, etc


There are over 100 of those CB(_)'s so when you hear or see Full Spectrum you will presume you are getting a Full Spectrum - in fact you will be getting a portion of an available Spectrum. Notice the reports above - each has CBD - you are paying for that, but one has very little (not FULL) amounts of the other CB_'s. This is not a big deal when you are buying ONLY CBD - because you will get CBD in your product.

This matters when you begin to learn more about the other Cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, etc) and desire a MORE FULL Spectrum. Each of these factors (amount of other Cannabinoids, and %) affect the price too. So just like fine wine, if the grapes are good you'll get a better blend and it will usually cost more. 

Example: Our 900mg HHO CBD Oil has a strong CBD % and that is what you'd expect. This CBD product has helped many folks (see testimonials). Our 900 Plus HHO CBD Oil has a few more CB_'s (CBC and CBG). You can also see on the chart what the ADDITION of those Cannabinoids should do to Increase the VALUE of your FULL SPECTRUM product.



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