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Popular Question: What about Hemp CBD and Sleep?

QUESTION: What about Hemp CBD and Sleep?

I am reposting this blog because the scenario and options are still the same, with the same outcomes. When it comes to the question "Hemp and sleep, the best response may be - that an informed holistic shopper is the best shopper.

I don’t wanna tell you something and have you - listen to what I say,  and act on that influence (like a social media reel you watch about wellness). No, I want to give you the tools to learn about what mother nature designed and let you make an informative decision and I provide you with high-quality products. 

What I tell every customer that asks this question is this - do a simple Google search for this: “CBD and my ECS”. What you will find is that within the same internal map that provides you with a digestive system and a cardiovascular system (those are pretty important aren't they), and a reproductive system. Imagine that much intelligence that created the human body and ask yourself - why would they make this ECS that operates fast when cannabis is in the environment? 


What you will find is that within the same internal map that provides you with a digestive system and a cardiovascular system and a reproductive system, that much intelligence went into creating a system to cope and sooth the human body/mind during off-balance times. This system works best when Hemp cannabinoids interact with it, and the orchestration is phenomenal.

If you trust, aloe vera, if you think it’s fascinating that we have a reproductive system and can make a baby, then trust the human body and mother nature and realize the ECS is there to provide you with some thing and for it to work best it should receive its own proper Intake. I hope this helps you learn and make an informal decision. 

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The media is regulated and community standards are easily broken when trying to share a story about Cannabis Hemp. Why? Because there are marketing considerations when discussing products that might affect your health.

The hemp plant is a plant and has been on the planet for hundreds of millions of years and has offered numerous anecdotal reports on its benefits, so it’s not surprising that after a couple of years now I’ve not only been able to discuss my own sleep outcomes relative to my own sleep challenges...

I am a 51-year-old male who currently has no medication and no prescriptions and I have a mild activity life where I ride bikes and take my dog for a walk and work a busy retail occupation. I wore a Fitbit for a few months today Termin my average sleep was about six hours and 18 minutes. And then realized I should stop complaining about trying to get eight hours because I seemed to be doing fine on six hours and 18 minutes average.

I decided to add HHO CBD Gummies to my own diet, I knew I needed a way to record any differences so I could be sure of the results. So I downloaded a sleep tracker, and this one simply sits next to your nightstand and records sound such as movement snoring, coughing. I downloaded the application and began taking the gummy‘s.

The digital data did show some interesting results in the first few weeks, then a few months later, I had the same amazement I did when I first saw the digital data. Within 45 days of starting my new diet plan, I saw the results provide a  rested night of sleep that showed an increase in all of the sleep tracker areas. If you asked me the next day, had I gotten a better night I don’t know if I could quantify it. I will admit that at my age I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and one of the biggest challenges I faced was going back to sleep. Once I started my new diet plan, I noticed that even with the middle of the restroom visit, I was able to fall asleep quickly and actually reach a deep sleep after that (see image). 

So in conclusion, I recall having interest in getting a better quality sleep because stress is everywhere and although I thought I was getting enough hours, I still sometimes felt exhausted towards the end of the day after a busy day and I thought it was just that, a busy day at work. Now more than 12 months later I regularly have a good night sleep, well rested sleep, I’m ready for the next day and am not groggy, and not much seems to bog me down.

I know individual results may vary, my diet is very limited  by choice as I don’t want any byproducts Or other fake sweeteners. 

I hope you do a quick Internet search on the human Endo Cannabinoid System, and learn what there is to know about your own human body and how the hemp plant interacts with the ECS. From there, you will make an excellent informed decision.