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Is CBD Better Than Bitcoin in 2019?

Our News is available Via: broadcast media, prime time TV,  Free streaming Internet channels, smartphones, social media, blogs, and more. The abundance of data makes it easy to find topics that are entertaining and inspiring to pay attention to, it is also created the need for viral stories to be mammoth and epic in size to get major coverage - just like bitcoin was not too long ago. 

Bitcoin and CBD hemp

I am not much of a investor but the phenomena of bitcoin was so prevalent that I allocated a little extra funds and bought some myself. Bitcoin was on my social media feeds and the news channel and people were talking about bitcoin everywhere. Then it seemed like after a couple weeks nobody was talking about bitcoin anymore? Again there is so much data and news being created daily that topics and headlines are almost created by the hour.

 What happened to Bitcoin CBD hemp

One topic that you have more than likely heard about in one way or another is CBD. Many people are talking about amazing benefits while others are talking about no benefits at all? Consumer reports ran an article/report in their November 2018 Magazine titled “Natural Cures, and stated that 13% of Americans had tried CBD and 90% of them found benefits.

Consumer reports natural cures CBD

Click here to view the article link where the data below was taken from.

Consumer reports CBD

With so many Americans reporting that they have been satisfied with their CBD experience it seems that CBD is helping more people than bitcoin did (personal opinion). Like myself, others that invested in bitcoin might have felt immediate benefits but over time they diminished and I’m no longer feeling the benefits of bitcoin.

But two years after investing in Hemp CBD I’m a firm believer in CBD and have been happy with the ROI. CBD has helped me with rotator cuff pain and discomfort and lower back pain that is sometimes at a high enough level to cause extreme stress and anxiety, and I personally have found and felt the benefits. I’m not as happy with my Bitcoin investment though. 

Yes, this was more of a humorous and entertaining post but it does share the relevance that CBD is as much on everybody’s mind and a topic just as popular as bitcoin was but more people are happier with their CBD investment :)

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CBD investing

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