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Is CBD hemp as good as CBD marijuana - YES!?

Is Hemp CBD as strong as Marijuana CBD?

Since I work in a CBD ONLY  health and wellness store I get this question often - “is CBD as good in hemp as it is in marijuana”??

My answer is - YES!

If you look at it from a scientific angle, CBD is a molecule just like vitamin C is a molecule.


“The CBD molecule and its associated pharmacology are the same, whether it was extracted from hemp or from marijuana. CBD is CBD, regardless of where it was originally derived from,” explained Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D, chief scientist at Mary's Medicinals” (from weedmaps article - here). 

If you take vitamin C with water or with milk or with vodka you are still going to get the same vitamin C molecule in all three aren’t you? Does the milk make the vitamin C any better? Does the vodka make the vitamin C any better, no - but the vodka will make you feel a little inebriated. 

Now if you think about hemp CBD as a molecule - it is the same molecule when it is from hemp and it is the same molecule when it is from marijuana. There really isn’t a difference in the molecule itself, and when most people think that marijuana CBD is better than hemp CBD, it isn’t actually better - marijuana just has more THC in it and you will feel the THC effects.

In fact, from what I’ve seen I would agree with the notion that CBD does most of the work in both plants, and when CBD is in the marijuana plant - the extra THC provides additional benefits along with a high. Coming from my own experience with THC and CBD (together of separately), and others Testimonials it is very possible that CBD might be all you need for common aches and pains and stress.  But if you are seeing a doctor or specialist for an issue that requires more than over the counter help, please follow their guidance. Or, we are living in times where by law (check you local state laws) you now have the right to make your own adult choice to obtain MMJ and you might choose to take medical marijuana (MMJ) and get your CBD that also includes THC.

Here’s another short story/example:

Pretend Advil is a molecule. You can take Advil with water, or you can take Advil with vodka. In both cases the Advil is going to do the work and in the water scenario you will feel nothing (Hemp CBD). If you take Advil with vodka you’re still going to get the Advil to work, and the Advil will do its job just like CBD does it’s job no matter what. The vodka is a little extra kick that you will feel (like feeling a THC High).

 For the purpose of this blog and the point I’m trying to make, the discussion really should end here because the main point here is that the CBD molecule is the same in both plant offerings (Hemp CBD -or- Marijuana CBD).

There is a much bigger subject, and a lot more studies to be had regarding full spectrum plant offerings that provide synergy between multiple cannabinoids and this is where the term entourage effect gets its definition.

Do I think that marijuana provides different benefits than hemp - YES, and after three years of helping people lower their pain and anxiety with CBD only, I have heard their testimonials and most comment that they do not want the high affect from marijuana CBD and THC  (Advil and vodka), and they are happy they found a high quality CBD product from hemp that did help them. 

Please note: this blog is non-scientific and only intended to provide a few simple stories that help you think about what you are looking at when you hear about cannabinoids and CBD and THC and the many choices out there.

You can go to the drugstore right now and buy vitamin C in a bottle or you can buy a multivitamin that also has vitamin C. One day we will all understand the cannabis plant and it’s many cannabinoids in the same way. We will know that if we have aches and pains and nausea we will take CBD and possibly CBC together, or there will be a canna-multi-pill just like we have a lot of nutrients in a multivitamin.


I look forward to continued education as well as your comments and feedback to help us all learn and grow together, please share your experiences or thoughts.


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Healthy Hemp Outlet Testimonials were used to create the article and stories as well as personal experiences and other acquired industry knowledge. has a great article on the subject and several links were used from this article - here