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CBD OIL for Beginners, How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

What CBD Dose Should I Start With?  

A beginner should start low with a 5mg dose taken 1-3 times a day or as needed. 

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What if that isn't enough? 

We can answer this question for you easily by using examples you are hopefully familiar with. With Vitamin-C, with broccoli, with Aloe Vera - there is an certain amount you need to use before the benefits begin to show. Depending upon the severity of your pain or anxiety, there is a certain strength needed for the severity of the job. If it only hurts a little, no big deal. But if it hurts a lot, you may need more. 

Example: ADVIL - you can take 1, 2, 3, or 4 ADVIL depending upon your needs. This is not a scientific conversion, but after 3 years of helping clients figure out "how much CBD should I take", we have arrived at the following suggestions:

PAIN LEVEL   ADVIL USE Suggested CBD mg to start with
1-2 1-2 5mg
3-5 2 10mg




8-9 4 30mg


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Healthy Hemp Outlet started offering High Quality CBD Oil in April of 2017. Since then we've been able to speak with our clients and hear about their experience. That experience has given us the data to make the suggestions above. Most clients that tried at least 15mg a day, or more, were able to experience positive results. You can read our CBD REVIEWS by clicking HERE.

For Beginners, we suggest our HHO 300mg CBD OIL shown below with 300 in the YELLOW box on front of the bottle. It offers 30 servings when you fill up the eye dropper almost to the top, and each serving of CBD is 10mg. Or, you can take 1/2 a full eye dropper and only get 5mg per dose. Either way, the 300mg bottle is a good starting point. If you feel you want to try 20mg or more with a bottle of 300mg, you just take 2 eye dropper amounts. Click image below to see more.

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Our Most Popular CBD OIL Sold is our 900mg CBD Tincture shown below.  It offers 60 servings of CBD at 15mg Each Serving. This is a good dose for trying an AM & PM dose and generally enough for almost any complaint. Click image below to see more.

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If you have questions about: Is CBD Dangerous If I Take A Large Amount, please visit out other BLOG Posts where we talk about your body's Balance Point and how much CBD your body needs, and what happens when you get more than 100% - CLICK HERE. We can give you a short answer - CBD one day will be inside a multi-vitamin, and just like a multi-vitamin, your body can get rid of the excess - that is mostly why you pee yellow after a multi-vitamin. Don't forget to get more info by clicking here.