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How to figure out how many MG's of CBD are in each serving

How much CBD OIL should I take? 

Once you have decided to try CBD oil, the next 2 questions you'll ask are: What strength bottle should I buy and how much do I use? Below is general guidance that is based on a couple of vendor's suggested use instructions, and from actual feedback from clients of Healthy Hemp Outlet ( 

Since your human body has a system dedicated to using Cannabinoids for calming and lowering pain sensation (endocannabinoid system), it must have a "requirement for optimal use". If you don't consume enough, you won't get the full benefits.... Note: don't worry about taking more than optimal, there is no associated risk with HEMP.

Back to how many MG's of CBD are in an EYE DROPPER?

Think about multi-vitamins for a second, you'll take one a day right? Now did you know the FDA has set a standard for all americans called the RDA (recommended daily allowance)? The RDA is set for numerous nutrients and minerals. Take Vitamin-C, the USA RDA for Vitamin-C is about 75-90mg for an adult (see article in National Institute of Health here)

But, there is no set RDA for Cannabinoids or CBD at this time. Research is being done and there are general suggestions. Of those suggestions, the below is a very generic suggestion:

  • First Time User: 5mg per dose, 10mg per day
  • Medium to Moderate Medicinal Needs (anxiety or pain): 20-40mg per day
  • Severe Needs: 50mg+


  • AGAIN, this info is  very general. There are cases where 5mg a day is showing tremendous improvement for some, while others require more than 50mg to show benefits. 
  • We suggest a goal of 15-20mg per day at a minimum to start. This almost ensures that you will get enough to satisfy your body's needs (balance point) 
  • The above informational video is to show you how to calculate the MG strength in each EYE DROPPER so you can determine - "which CBD OIL Strength should I try, and how much should I try"


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