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Hemp Oil For Anxiety - Does It Actually Work?

In recent years, hemp oil for anxiety emerged as a seemingly almost “too good to be true” answer to the distressful condition. If you are looking for a medicinal product to battle anxiety but remain skeptical, you’ve stopped at the right place! We prepared the essential information you need to find out if it is all a myth or if it does actually work. So, before Googling “CBD store near me,” get your research on with our help. Who are we?  Healthy Hemp Outlet, your #1 CBD store from St. Petersburg.

Hemp Oil for Anxiety, Is It Effective? Let’s find out!

As the legality and medicinal capabilities of cannabis gained steam and consumers became savvier about the products they buy, a new line of therapeutic products broke through to provide groundbreaking benefits to the many Americans suffering from emotional disorders like anxiety. 

Hemp is a variation of the cannabis plant identified as Cannabis sativa. Unlike marijuana, it is not considered a psychoactive substance because it has low levels (below 0.3%) of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, the main chemical responsible for enabling the high effect on humans. 

After a 2018 approved bill legalized hemp cropping across America, production took off. Suddenly hemp seed, hemp fibers, and, especially, hemp oil gained notoriety for improving generalized anxiety disorders.

Does It Work? 

A study conducted in 2019 sampled 72 adults suffering anxiety and poor sleep. After treating the patients with CBD oil within the first month:

  • Anxiety decreased 79.2% in 57 patients
  • Sleep improved by 66.7% in 48 patients

Research on the subject remains ongoing. Yet, these early figures are a good indicator of what hemp oil could do in the field. 

Ask for CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief 

Willing to try hemp oil to reduce anxiety levels? Ask for the right product! 

There are two types of oils in the market: Hemp CBD (cannabidiol) oil and plain hemp oil. 

Although both are obtained from the same plant (hemp), and small amounts of CBD exist in plain hemp oil, there are important differences in the production process:

  • Plain hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds
  • CBD-rich hemp oil is distilled from the remaining parts of the plant. Flowers, leaves, and stems are all used to synthesize it 

The compositional variations create different human responses with the CBD-rich oil enhancing functionalities in the endocannabinoid system to champion a phenomenal well-being kind of feeling that is more powerful than what plain hemp oil could accomplish.

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