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Hemp CBD Delta Products Bundle Special Offer from HHOUTLET (online only)

Hemp CBD Delta 8 and Delta 9 Special Priced Bundle

Help a family member, Loved one or Friend learn about Hemp from a trusted online Hemp Store - Healthy Hemp Outlet. We are an All Natural Health and Wellness store offering an experience with a variety of High Quality Hemp CBD and Delta 8 THC products from HH Outlet.


Choose from these 3 options:

1. Hemp Wellness Package Includes 1 of each of the following Hemp CBD Products: HHO 900mg CBD Oil, HHO 900mg CBD gummies, and a special discounted price on the HHO 1800 CBD Full Spectrum Roll On

2. Hemp CBD and Delta 8 Package includes 1 of each of the following: HHO 900mg CBD Oil, DRIP Delta 8 Gummies (1 bottle), Pure Kana Delta 8 gummies (1 bottle). Think of this package as a sampler

3. Delta 8 Package includes 1 of each of the following: Drip gummies, Pure Kana D8 gummies, Pure Kana Delta 9 gummies. This package includes the Pure Kana Delta 9 gummies and is also a great sampler package. 


 NOTE:  to see these bundles and options: CLICK HERE and you will go to the item page to make a selection then add to your cart. 

This Hemp CBD Delta Products Bundle is for a limited time only. Please take advantage of the HHO Coupons found online or from a Promotion and experience all natural wellness. 

Read our reviews for more information and to help with the idea of plant based wellness from an organic product that has historically been criiminalized. It is evident by now that in 2023, and with medical and recreational adult use cannabis gaining acceptance accross America, plus the medical POSITIVE outcomes - these trends all help advocate for the home  based homeopathic health care options - from Cannabis Hemp. 


*all HHO items are from Indusutrail Hemp OEM Processors with validated and current Lab Tested COA's. None of these products are approved by the FDA and consumers should do their own research to determine an approach towards organic wellness. If you have any questions, please email us at