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Exciting News: Healthy Hemp Outlet CBD Store Is Expanding, Investor Opportunity!

Cannabis News:                                                              > release date: 8/7/2019
Healthy Hemp Outlet (HHO, a CBD Store), is successfully well into its second fiscal year and is expanding by offering investors their own Healthy Hemp Outlet Branded CBD Store. Each store will offer: CBD Wholesale, CBD Retail and CBD e-Commerce modules. Our "Business In A Box" program is designed to be a simple,  Turn-Key process that is ready for you to start today!

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Pick CBD Wholesale, CBD Retail, CBD e-Commerce - All 3 are offered to help you maximize your Hemp CBD Income Funnels!

Over the past 2 years we've seen and experienced the many ups and downs of the Cannabis business and we've successfully navigated the challenges and roadblocks that can thwart most Cannabis businesses. Some of these setbacks can force a start up to close if you are not strategic. 

Unlike any other business in the USA, the Cannabis business is still emerging and legacy laws, while changing, are still enforced and can negatively affect cannabis business processes (listed below).

  • Merchant Accounts - not all USA banks accept Hemp businesses.
  • Online Advertising - most social media and internet sites filter out CBD adds.
  • Retail Education¬†-¬† in-store Hemp CBD and Human ECS education and training.
  • Local Business Branding - how to differentiate from a VAPE store perpetrating to offer¬†health and wellness services. Or if you are a VAPE & Pipe store and want to open a health and wellness CBD store to compliment your retail offering we can help.

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  • If you are serious about investing in a¬†cannabis CBD business, but you are not highly experienced with the business factors above, contact DNA, LLC today to discuss your "Business In A Box" solution!!

    CBD store Anxiety ownerAvoid the Challenges - We offer Risk Mitigation!

    Our program will help you avoid the challenges, potholes and setbacks often experienced during the first year in business. We offer Risk Mitigation to help you strategically arrange, set up and launch your Healthy Hemp Outlet CBD business and avoid the common mistakes learned the first year!

    Healthy Hemp Outlet Short Summary:

    • Founded April 2017, launched as DNA, LLC - a wholesale CBD business serving retail, medical and holistic clients.
    • Opened July 2017 (website #2)
      • 2017 - Profitable, no loss.
      • 2018 - Surpassed 100K in Revenue with zero debt.
      • 2019 - Trending towards 150K+ in Revenue, zero debt.
    • Website has grown 500+% over 2018
      • 2019 growing with steady SEO investment.
      • Digital media growth opportunities continue to offer new markets.
    • Healthy Hemp Outlet Retail Stores
      • First store opened October 2018, immediately profitable, no loss.
      • Second store opened April 2019, immediately profitable, no loss
      • Currently expanding across USA with investment partners!
     CBD store education
    Busy CBD store teaching about CBD for Anxiety, pain and sleep at home self care ise



    Investor Contact Info:

    DNA, LLC