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The CBD Entourage Effect and Full Spectrum Explained

This might be the quickest blog ever on this topic. I see plenty of new CBD shoppers coming into our CBD Store - Healthy Hemp Outlet asking questions about CBD. The typical questions are:

  • Where is your CBD from?
  • Do you have a LAB report, also known as a COA report?
  • Is your CBD Full Spectrum or Isolate?

Most people admit that they ask about full spectrum without knowing what it really means,  but they read about it. Most people are joyed when they are told what Full Spectrum means and they “get it”,  so this is just a quick story to help you understand the concept.

For this CBD BLOG, let's use some terms you already know about so that learning about Full Spectrum CBD and Entourage Effect is easier. To do this, the below table breaks CBD into (3) types with a description of each using an an analogy (story), this is usually helpful.

Full Spectrum

Imagine the Cannabis Plant is an ORANGE Tree. If you want the BEST OJ /Orange Juice you ask for - Fresh Squeezed. With Fresh Squeezed OJ EVERYTHING falls into the GLASS - you will get ALL OF THE JUICE, PULP, Orange Peel Rind Compounds and other compounds. So think of ALL THE COMPOUNDS that fell into the glass - as the FULL SPECTRUM of Orange Juice, no one modified it, no one took away from it, you are basically getting what Nature Made in that plant. 

Here’s another story. A Spectrum can be defined as the colors of a Rainbow. There are 7 (ROYGBIV) colors in a rainbow, and all of the colors together show a FULL SPECTRUM. 

Now let's take the PULP out of the OJ because not that many people want PULP or like the taste of PULP. This could also be similar to taking the Red 🛑  out of the Rainbows 🌈 It was a FULL SPECTRUM - it would NO LONGER be a FULL SPECTRUM - it was modified. This is also what happens when you take the THC out of Hemp - no longer is your Hemp CBD a FULL SPECTRUM. 

 Entourage effect with CBD oil hhoutlet

Entourage Effect

An entourage is usually a group of people that are associated with one main person and they look out for that person. So it’s fitting that when taking CBD and the other Cannabinoids from the hemp plant, the term entourage was used to describe what happens when you get a majority of the cannabinoids all WORKING TOGETHER. 
Another story to describe it - pretend you need to move a heavy pool table from one room to the other - the larger your entourage of friends that shows up - the easier and MORE EFFECTIVE your friends are working as a team.
Use the same principal with CBD. Some are taking CBD to decrease either anxiety or inflammation. If those symptoms are the enemy, then you would want more of the cannabinoids (entourage) to help you with the battle because one guy is just one guy (isolate).

CBD entourage effect explained at Hh outlet

Isolate When talking about full spectrum it makes sense to also describe the term Isolate CBD. Yes, the orange juice story again and if you do squeeze a orange into the glass you will see juice and pulp. Pretend that the pulp is CBD and the juice has a little bit of THC in it. If you take all the PULP  out using filters and then gathered all of the PULP together it would be isolated from the other parts of the plant and an essence you have a CBD isolate.
Isolate CBD defined by Hh outlet(Pic of an Isolate, just one guy)


 So there you have it, the full spectrum is everything you can get, and when the full spectrum is all working together - the entourage is working best as a team, and if you only wanted or needed one guy for a specific job you could get just an Isolate.

I hope this generic story helps you relate to the terms used in the CBD Oil Market.