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EDU: CBD 101: THC vs CBD

This is a very short summary that provides another way of looking at the big question that is always asked when someone new learns about Cannabis and THC and CBD - “will I get high”?


Because there is a lot of misunderstanding about the plant and what is called the flower, we have found it easy to compare things that everyone has heard of and use that as an education tool. 


As such and to help describe the difference between THC and CBD think of soda pop and why somebody would order a regular soda versus a diet soda ??  The person that is ordering the diet soda is ordering that version of soda pop because they want ___________?  Or they are ordering diet soda pop because they do NOT want ___________?   The answer is calories or sugar. When someone is ordering the diet soda pop they don’t want the calories or the sugar. 


When someone orders CBD they are ordering diet Pot because They do not want the full version of the pot plant that has all of the calories (( THC )) that regular soda has.


So if you can order diet soda, light beer, non-caffeinated coffee, you can absolutely receive cannabis without THC and then receive the benefits of the flower.