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Did You Buy Hemp Oil and not CBD Oil?

Is Hemp Extraction Oil the same as Hemp CBD Oil? NO It Is NOT!

If you’ve heard about CBD oil and you’re interested in purchasing some then you need to know the difference between “hemp oil” and “CBD oil” because there can be confusion around the very popular CBD Oil and how marketers use the terms to describe the product.  The difference is obvious but without explanation consumers that doesn’t have experience with Cannabis and HEMP terminology could end up confused or worse - mislead into buying something that is nothing near a high quality CBD oil.

Why is there such confusion? If this discovery of CBD from Industrial Derived Hemp is proving to be so beneficial why is there good CBD and poor quality CBD? Or, why are some CBD products real and some CBD oils fake? It’s a pretty straightforward answer that exposes an ugly side of what happens when companies can bend the interpretation of words - marketing.

The difference between CBD oil and Hemp Oil is in the manufacturing process and how it is made, but the terms used are nearly identical with one small difference. Basically here is the difference- Hemp CBD Oil comes from the Hemp Flower, and Hemp Extraction Oil tends to come from the crushed seeds from the Hemp plant.

In  order to explain this best let’s talk about orange juice that we all love to drink. Most of us feel that orange juice offers vitamin C and is one of the healthiest natural products around.  And when you want the best orange juice you want it to come from the freshest oranges - you can almost imagine seeing the juice being squeezed directly from the orange and falling into your glass.  This is very similar to what happens when you take the hemp plant (orange tree) and you extract it for CBD products (orange juice). It’s like you’re squeezing  the CBD out of the hemp plant and get the freshest CBD oil. 

So now what are you going do with all of the leftover orange seeds and branches from the orange tree and oranges?  What if you could take these leftover orange seeds and put them into a high-pressure machine that would crush and squeeze the seeds together under pressure causing an oil to come out?  What if the oil that came from this process was also called orange juice extraction Instead of orange juice?  Do you now see how similar the terms are but how different the products actually are?  I know I want my orange juice to come from the orange itself  and not from the crushed leftover seeds.

If you purchased CBD online or from a convenience store it probably only has hemp extraction oil (came from crushed seeds and not the flower) and can be marketed and labeled as hemp oil, But the % of actual CBD oil is too small to allow companies to call the product CBD Oil, so they just call it Hemp Oil. 

So there you have it, there is a difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.  We are going to write another article on how to determine if a bottle is high quality CBD oil or if it is simply just hemp seed oil.

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Note:  this blog story is a reference story only intended for entertainment value and does not have scientific research.