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Delta 8 Gummies from Drip Cannabinoids, Reviews and More.

Drip Delta 8 THC for the Best Delta 8 Online

Drip Cannabinoids has figured out how to put a high quality Delta 8 THC extraction into a high end disposable vape pen, with 1mL of liquid, and a battery plug port all for under 50.00

We've had Drip Cannabinoids in our store for over 4 months now and the reviews are solid, their quality is consistent, and the options keep growing and growing. They are a well funded company that does not need to save money by cutting corners or buying lower grade machinery, they are a leader!

They first came out with 3 flavors of Delta 8 THC Vape, now they have 4: Gelato (hybrid), Zkittles (indica), and Pineapple Express (Sativa), Tahoe OG (Sativa). Then added a 4th option - Dos-I-Dos (indica)

Delta 8 Gummies from Drip Cannabinoids are getting strong reviews to, for a solid and noticeable delta 8 thc gummie experience. Again, their quality shows with a delta 8 gummy that is solid and not too mushy. It has a good chewiness that compares to regular gummie bears you may have enjoyed in the past. 

Each Drip Delta 8 thc gummy is 20mg, there are 20 delta 8 gummies in each jar for a total 400mg Delta 8 thc that you can buy one from Healthy Hemp Oultet - click here or the image below:

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Shop now for Drip Delta 8 THC from a reliable online cbd store you can trust - just read our reviews - click here for our CBD and Delta 8 thc reviews.