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CBD or THC - It's Your Adult Choice

THC or CBD as an Adult Choice for Self-Care?

 If you're over 40 you probably never thought you'd be considering Cannabis as an option, but here you are searching online for more stories and proof that Cannabis might work for you. And if you previously were not a consumer or supporter of Cannabis "alternative therapies",  then you probably have no idea about Cannabis, Marijuana, or Hemp?

There are plenty of technical articles explaining the science between THC (Marijuana plant) and CBD (Hemp plant), but for this comparative blog we are going to share feedback gathered from volunteers who shared their experience with both THC and CBD "alternative therapies". Their stories are not summarized by a doctors notes, but from real testimonials about their experiences with both THC and CBD. The goal is to share opinions about user experiences with both THC & CBD and what you may also experience.

Overall it seems that the media (and MMJ Industry) has placed THC on a podium with EXPECTATIONS that THC is the answer to all anxiety and pain, or mood and balance needs. However, the Cannabis plant has options - just like the Lettuce family has options (iceberg, romain, spinach). But most new cannabis patients are either drawn or pushed into a THC market where you are now faced with more than 20 choices about THC products. Questions like -what type of strain are you interested in, what type of THC effect are you comfortable with or searching for, what type of relief- needs to works fast, do you want a topical, etc. If THC will be new for you, ask a lot of questions. Also be sure to ask yourself if you want a psychoactive or not?

Here is what we can tell you after many interviews - CBD in most cases may help achieve similar benefits as THC (or better) as long as you are doing ‚Äúself-care‚ÄĚ. But if ¬†you are seeing a doctor or a specialist and they suggest that you may want to add THC to your care, then you should take their medical advice too. Just be sure you learn about THC and a high feeling.

THC is your adult choice whether you are seeking it for the recreation or for a medicinal benefit because it does have a HIGH effect. If you want to try it you will need a Medical Marijuana Doctors Recommendation. But,  if you are treating something that you ordinarily would not need a doctor (prescription) for - this is called "over the counter", or we call it "self-care", then you may want to learn about CBD options too. Think of it as trying Advil first, and if Advil doesn’t help then you go to a doctor for a stronger script. 

If you want to try THC, get ready to budget because it may cost over 300.00 before you buy your first product - and you may not like the HIGH feeling. Especially  if you are not familiar with it and you are trying to treat something like anxiety.  Some users have said that when they tried THC  for the first Time to treat anxiety that  the psychoactive sometimes added additional anxiety. 

If you walk into a trusted CBD STORE and speak with a knowledgeable advisor, you could learn that sore back pain or anxiety may see relief from (Cannabis HEMP) CBD with a simple 60.00 bottle of CBD. Again, At this point you are taking "self-care" relief - just like when you choose to buy advil for pain. But if you want something stronger than advil you need to see a doctor. Do you see the similarity in over the counter (CBD) vs. doctor prescribed medicine (THC). CBD is "over-the-counter" and you don't need a card to buy it.

In our two year study we have heard from clients that say CBD provides similar benefits without the high and for some that is exactly what they want - benefits without a high feeling. On the other side of the test group those that have authorized use and made an adult choice for THC products report the same benefits as CBD except with the psychoactive affect. If this is your adult choice, you’re and adult!

So when you walk into a Dispensary (MMJ) or a CBD (HEMP) Store, ask questions and lots of them. Make sure you are getting advice from someone that you feel knows the plant differences, that knows about your human ECS, and that knows how to try and suggest a dose strength. 

Note:  this blog is a summary share of many users personal experience and opinions and is not to be used as scientific data.  Clients were not specifically asked about a choice between either, rather the testimonials used are unbiased survey requests post sales and from in-person testimonials.

 If you are interested in learning more about cannabis and which product may be right for you and how much to try then please contact us or visit us in one of our stores in St. Petersburg Florida