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CBD Oil Tincture: Your Guide to Understanding Dosages

Perhaps you have found yourself increasingly interested in all of the CBD excitement. Maybe it was your friends’ CBD oil tincture that sparked your curiosity or maybe you were exposed at some hang out in St. Petersburg but didn’t understand the hype. Whatever the case may be, Healthy Hemp Outlet has got you covered. Before searching for a “CBD shop near me”, we will give you some basic information regarding dosages, varying influences, and ways to keep track of them to ensure your best experience. Whether you want to explore the positive sleep effects of CBD or give your anxious mind a bit of rest, these tips will help you get started.

CBD Oil Tincture Dosage

Not all forms of CBD are created equal. You may find that certain methods work better for you than others, such as gummies, but in general, it’s good to understand how CBD is measured in a tincture. You’ll notice that most products will tell you how much CBD they contain. From there, you’ll be able to decide how much is right for you to take. Tinctures are usually measured based on the dropper. So, for example, ½ of a dropper will give you approximately 15mg, meaning the entire dropper will give you 1mL. The amount taken and how frequently depends on you, however, a good rule of thumb is to start small. 

All The Factors

Much like CBD, not all users respond equally. It is important to remember that your reaction can be dependent on several factors including things like your health, genetics, or tolerance. While you may be inclined to follow your friends dosage recommendation, keep in mind that it is unlikely you will have the same experience. This is because your individual factors will probably have some variation. This is not to discourage you from trusting your friend, but instead, we hope this informs you so that you both can enjoy a positive experience. 

Keeping Track

If you are still unsure, it always helps to write down your experiences, especially when starting. Your journal should keep track of when you took CBD and how much. Feel free to include any experiences or reactions you might have had or the times that you didn’t feel anything. This will help you keep track of what dosages work best for you and how frequently you should take them. After gathering all your intel, you’ll be ready to search for a “CBD shop near me”.

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Healthy Hemp Outlet is here to provide you with your CBD supply as well as help you with your various CBD related questions. We hope these tips get you started on the right path. Feel free to stop by our St. Petersburg location to check out our selection of CBD oil tinctures, gummies, and more. If we don’t show up on your “CBD shop near me” search, feel free to give us a call or visit our website to check out our supply or our blog answering CBD related questions.