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CBD May Help Against Covid

CBD may help your body's natural resilience defend against covid (viruses). 

How? CBD is from Cannabis, a plant that is similar to Aloe Vera in the manner that a plant has helpful benefits to your human body. If you have a sunburn, would you break off a piece of aloe vera and put the raw plant oil on you naked skin? Most of us would say YES  because we've been brought up that way and have seen the benefits of aloe vera before, either by our parents, friends, etc. So let's explore how a plant from nature may help you against Covid. 

CBD is one of the compounds found in the Cannabis Plant. You can think of the cannabis plant as a Multi-Vitamin of natural compounds coming from it and CBD is one of the most popular compounds from the plant - second to the widespread awareness of THC - another compound found inside of cannabis plants. These compounds are called Cannabinoids and just like your body does good things for your health with multivitamins, your body was designed by nature to use Cannabis for your health and wellness. 

How? By feeding your human EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), a system every mammal has that is used by mother nature to help keep your body, organs, mood, and feeling in BALANCE. You have other systems that are just as important if not More Important - your Cardiovascular system, Digestive System, Nervous System, etc. There is a lot of info to study regarding your ECS, we suggest you dive into one of our other articles about your ECS, or do a google search: what is my human ECS? 

fight covid naturally 

Let's presume you understand that your human body was designed to receive cannabis for health and wellness benefits and let's explain what your body does with those cannabinoids. We still have a lot of research to do to fully understand the benefits of each cannabinoid, up to now there are over 1000 videos showing testimonials of clients adding CBD to their wellness plans for their own use against: Stress, Anxiety, Depressions, Pain, Inflammation and poor sleep. 

What science has shown us thus far is this - when the human body has adequate amounts of CBD present a process to help align your body to perfect balance takes place. This is referred to as Homeostasis - refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. Necessary for Survival - think about that for a minute! If you were going to enter a fight against an opponent, you would want all of the tools you could bring to help give you conditions necessary for survival (sword, shield, and in 2020 a face mask). But wait, if my human body has a system to help me in the natural world and it is NECESSARY for survival - how do I make sure this system is in top working order? 

ANSWER: Use Natural Cannabis (please consult your doctor before starting any new supplements including any new cannabis wellness plan). 

can cannabis and cbd help fight covid 

Here's a bit more information on how cannabis helps your ECS operate at full capacity. Your ECS is located in every single cell of your body and it attempts to make sure your body, organs, muscles and mind are all in perfect working order. But be sure to understand this - CBD does NOT repair, replace, heal, fix, stop, or end the root cause of your anxiety or pain. Instead, CBD will help feed your ECS which then in turn tries to help your body respond to any new anxiety or pain with the power to COPE and SOOTHE yourself. That's right, CBD does not Fix problems, it helps you deal with them. 

Most people find out about CBD because they have either experienced a new stressful experience or injury and would like to try CBD. This is perfectly fine - using CBD Re-Actively. But, what happens when you take CBD if you don't actually have a high level of stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, or sleep problems? 

Your ECS is always working, just like your lungs are always working to help you. Your ECS is like your muscles or brain - in order to reach optimal health, you need to use, exercise, protect, feed and take care of them, so same thing with your ECS. And since your ECS is Necessary for Survival, it might just be one of the most important organs to take care of. The best way to take care of your ECS is to add CBD as a dietary supplement to your wellness plan. 

Here are Reasons why we think CBD may help against Covid: 

  1. Homeostasis - because a body that is in optimal health stands a better chance to fight viruses. If your body is weak, so is your immune system. It is also factual that your ECS helps support your immune system via homeostasis.
  2. Inflammation - your body has the ability to fight inflammation naturally. Just imagine you have 1000 anti-inflammation solders inside your body. If your arm hurts, there are in theory about 300 of those solders fighting inflammation in your arm, leaving you 30% less optimal to fight other dangers. CBD may help you fight inflammation and help your body stand ready against new threats.
  3. Sleep - if you are worried about anything (like Covid, job, relationship, money) you are increasing your stress and this more than likely affects your sleep. If you have a bad night of sleep, you will more than likely have a sluggish day the next day - being sluggish means you are not that alert, not that effective, not that ready. Since CBD has been shown by clients to help get a good nights sleep, it would seem like a good idea to add CBD to your diet and seek a good night of sleep so your body wakes up fresh and ready for a new day.
  4. Anxiety - the year 2020 brought about world wide warnings about Covid and a fear for your health. The new rules, the closures, the opinions, the social media posts, the fake news, the good news, ugh.... There are so many reasons why 2020 is seeing an increase in anxiety. Big Pharma has made a BILLION dollar business out of Helping Slow Anxiety - but their method tricks the body with drugs. These drugs trick your mind by limiting or removing the NATURAL elements that your body uses to tell you there is a warning. It's now about 20 years after we've seen how Anti-Anxiety drugs affect humans. Most who have used them and can will get off these drugs as soon as they can. For others, they find it hard to stop or slow because their body is now tricked into thinking it needs this drug for a functional life. When your body has anxiety and stress, it wants you to slow down. CBD is a compound that has been shown to greatly assist the human body fight anxiety naturally. This allows you to keep a natural healthy and wellness plan in place, helps your body and mind cope & soothe naturally and may give you a better outcome than pharma drugs (long term).


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Article written by: Adam W, owner of Healthy Hemp Outlet. Since April 2017 Adam has been advising family, friends, and clients on the use, efficacy, and tips for successful CBD wellness use. All BLOG posts published here are opinions that stem from client feedback and CBD Testimonials provided in person or online.  HHOUTLET has shipped over 2000 orders to clients who search for a website to buy CBD online. Healthy Hemp Outlet (retail) has helped over 400 local clients learn about CBD and use CBD successfully - read HH OUTLET CBD reviews > click here.