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CBD Full Spectrum or Isolate - which is for you?

Full Spectrum vs Regular CBD: What Is the Difference?

Not all cannabidiol (CBD) is made the same. When it comes to full spectrum vs regular CBD, many people may be unclear exactly what the difference is. Understand the difference between full spectrum (full spec for short) and regular, isolate CBD, and you will be able to choose the product that best suits your needs.

To learn more, read on. We’ll explain everything about CBD products to you. If you have any questions, please contact HHOUTLET today - 

(HHOUTLET short description - Full Spectrum is like orange juice that was picked from a tree and all of the juice you drink has: pulp, husk and all natural elements are in tact. Isolate would be similar to orange juice that has NO PULP (or THC). Most folks that are not worried about .3% THC in a full spectrum will purchase a full spec product. If you have any concerns about THC (job, lifestyle, beliefs), then an isolate is your product)


Full Spectrum versus Isolate CBD


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When you are purchasing CBD products, you have two options: full spectrum CBD or isolate (regular) CBD. Full spectrum vs regular CBD has a few key differences you’ll want to be aware of.

Full spectrum CBD, as hemp oil, contains every cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. This means cannabidiol, cannabicyclol, tetrahyrdocannabivarin, and cannbichromevinaric acid, to name a few. In full spectrum CBD oil, there is nothing held back or left out.

Different cannabinoids introduce various potential benefits that can address a wide variety of ailments, both on their own and in conjunction with one another, and with CBD.

These full spectrum products may also contain small amounts of THC. This is because nothing is removed from the cannabis plant. Still, it is CBD oil, so the focus is not on the THC content. Most likely, it also comes from plants that have a low level of THC by nature.

However, it should be said that industrial hemp is regulated at 0.3 per cent THC concentration. This amount will not generally cause psycho active effects. Chemists create full spectrum CBD oil by extracting the whole source of the plant and distilling it down into oil. This brings all of the other properties and molecules along with it.

Still, when it comes from a plant that is very low in THC, that means the full spectrum CBD oil will also contain just a very minimal amount of THC. Full spectrum vs regular CBD is an easy choice for some people as long as they are okay with some exposure to THC. 


cbd isolate

Isolate CBD is exactly what it sounds like. It is CBD, separated from any and all other cannabis compounds.



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It is isolated by cooling extracted oil until it forms into crystals. These crystals are processed into a highly pure powder. This powder is just CBD as a molecular compound.

Isolating the perceived valuable aspects of any substance is a common approach in the pharmaceutical model. This is because it works to maximize an ‚Äėactive ingredient‚Äô to its utmost efficacy and¬†safety, while not prioritizing any other ingredients of the material.

There is a downside, though. This method does neglect to take advantage of the possible holistic benefits of full spectrum products. Isolate CBD provides you with the benefits of CBD and CBD alone. It does not take advantage of any of the rest of the materials and chemicals that are present alongside CBD in the cannabis plant.

To some people, this may be what they prefer. However, others believe that it does not use the cannabis plant to its full potential.


What difference does it make? 

When weighing your options, you want to truly understand the ins and outs of full spectrum vs regular CBD.

If full spectrum CBD oil is truly far superior, then you’ll know its worth any extra investment. However, if you can get the exact same benefits from isolate CBD, why pay more or introduce your body to more substances than you need to?

In this section, we’ll help explain the difference so you can make the best choice for your personal situation and health.


One Caution with Full Spectrum CBD Oil

While it is clear that full spectrum CBD may be more effective than isolate CBD, even at lower dosages, it may have some drawbacks. Full spectrum vs regular CBD comes down to this drawback for many people. If full spectrum CBD oil is not an option for you due to your work obligations (random drug test) or lifestyle, this can help you make your decision more easily for sure.


CBD isolate is usually tasteless. This is why a CBD isolate product is often preferable for flavored products and other methods of oral ingestion. CBD isolate is certainly still effective on its own. So, if there are reasons you should avoid full spectrum CBD oil, that still does not mean that you need to avoid CBD usage completely.

Choosing the Right Product ‚ÄĒ Full Spec or Regular

The possible benefits of CBD exist in both types of products. This is why generally, when choosing your CBD type, the choice simply comes down to your own preferences.

Many of the advantages and disadvantages are listed above. These have the ability to help you decide where you should start.

For a more holistic approach to using CBD, a full spectrum CBD oil product may be your best bet.

For a more controlled, pure method, try an isolate. You can pick and choose as you see fit.

Whether you choose full spectrum CBD oil or regular CBD oil, the most important thing of all is to ensure you are investing in a high quality product (HHOUTLET only sells HIGH QUALITY PURE CBD products)

From oil capsules to tinctures, edible products, and other CBD products, whatever you put in your body should be carefully selected and sourced from a trustworthy provider. You don’t want to skimp or cut corners when it comes to things you are planning to put in your body.

Do the right thing for your body and ensure that you only purchase high quality products from trusted sellers. Once you’ve decided between full spectrum vs regular CBD, you now need to make the choice of picking the right seller. Choose someone with a great reputation and independent lab testing results available on the site for all to see. You certainly want to make sure you get what you pay for!