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Cannabis and Coffee - Related Rituals?

Every day somebody new begins their journey to learn more about cannabis. More than likely they’ve heard the good, the bad, or also had their own past experience with cannabis. Nowadays we do our own research first by searching the Internet for answers and like any new subject to learn, there are a few mandatory terms and acronyms that you must know to build your knowledge. With cannabis having over 100 years of prohibition there’s a lot of stigma out there and some of the terms used to describe cannabis are often miss understood..

One thing we like to do at the Healthy Hemp Outlet retail store is speed up the education process with cannabis by relating the topic and terms to something you already know in your every day life - Coffee.

Below is a story to illustrate a comparison between something that most people are very familiar with (coffee) and we will include the topic of (cannabis) and how if you sit and think about it the rituals are the same!


Ahha, It’s a good morning and for a lot of us the day begins (or doesn’t begin until) the coffee hits the Brewer, the smell of coffee hits the air, and the liquid caffeine hits the lips. Some people walk around in a semi-zombie state, with slouched posture moving about slow until this ritual occurs.  

let’s examine what happens with the coffee bean and its journey to your digestive system where the caffeine gets into your bloodstream and helps wake you up. For most, the am coffee cup completes the ritual and helps you start your day. (Pay attention to this next line - imagine the same process re: the cannabis plant). The coffee that you bought in the grocery store in the fancy bag came from the coffee Bean that came from the ground and went through a process to be harvested and processed and purchased by a company to be resold under a brand of coffee. This is the manufacturing process most of us don’t consider, we just put it in our shopping cart and go..

Regarding your body and what happens once you digest the coffee, there is a compound inside coffee called caffeine (there is also a compound inside cannabis called CBD). Once caffeine enters your body, it then produces various different reactions and it wouldn’t hurt to call these reactions benefits because most people would consider the first cup of coffee a great way to start the day and hence that is a benefit to how you feel. 

What is actually happening inside your body is a topic for more further review and a separate discussion but in essence the caffeine has various different ways of interacting with in the body to make us feel alert and awake and gives some people energy. This is a very natural process that nature had in mind when the human body and various different plant compounds were designed - that is also another topic for a separate discussion!

So you had the first cuppa coffee now and you’re ready to start the day whether that be get the kids to school or drive to work and hit the phones or get out there in the field or go open your store it’s a ritual that starts the day and helps you feel better and there’s no questioning that! This is supported by the fact that there are probably over 10,000 Starbucks in a 500 mile radius around you so people do like coffee and it gives them benefits and coffee comes from the ground.


Cannabis and The Ritual

It would be easy to see how past stigma could misconstrue open talk about cannabis use, so let’s use a make believe story about Georgio. 

Meet Georgio, he is in his late 30s and has a small business that he is doing well at and has one child and a wife and bills and older parents that he constantly worries about. Five years ago he went to the doctor because he was concerned about a couple of life changes coming up regarding buying a new house with his new wife and he felt overwhelmed. The doctor suggested a medication and when he asked what the medication would do the doctor told him that it would modify the way his brain receives signals from the body and he would feel better. But this didn’t sound natural to Giorgio. So he got on the Internet and found Alternative-Health Options with a more natural plant-based alternative medicine known as cannabis. Below is a story to illustrate Georgio’s ritual.

Giorgio wakes up in the morning and brews his coffee that comes from a Cannabis Hemp Vendor that adds CBD to the brew. He drinks his cup while getting ready for the day. Next, Giorgio is preparing his kids lunch for the day and getting dressed himself and thinking about his day ahead. He is worried about his parents but he decides to call them instead of perpetuating fears in his mind and running wild for hours with this train of thought. The cannabis CBD he consumed did not make him psycho actively high to the degree that would be similar to what happens when one drinks a lot of alcohol and becomes tipsy or drunk, instead our clients have told us that CBD when taken in the morning helps them feel balanced and not overwhelmed. So you can think of Giorgio as simply moving through life and facing challenges and when he has changes in his environment or mood he knows now that he can enjoy cannabis CBD as a tool. The alternative may have been that Georgio consumes his coffee with an anti-depressant which clients have told us does give off a null mood effect, which after a long term is not an attractive way to go about life. Meds seem to work in the beginning, but your body figures out a way around the med all the while you are going thru blank and passive moods. 

Now back to the ritual,  so Giorgio is passively behind the scenes benefiting from the feelings of being balanced in life and in the calamity of getting ready for the day. Perhaps his wife may shout that he has 10 minutes to get ready - he processes that information without over-reacting and has another sip of coffee and is ready and out the door and feels great.

 Don't forget, this is a BLOG post intended to be helpful entertainment when trying to connect the dots between "how does CBD work" and "how much CBD do I need". We also enjoy helping first time shoppers answer the question - "how do I buy CBD online"?