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What are Cannabinoids? Explained as a Multi-Vitamin

Hi, This BLOG intends to share one of our Healthy Hemp Outlet "Quick and Easy" stories about Cannabinoids. We use these stores and analogies to Quickly RELATE topics that you probably already know about and can relate to.

Why do this, and how does it help? From past experiences we know that there are two types of presentations. There is the Technical Presentation that has a lot of speeds and feeds, statistics, big words and acronyms used - the only people that understand Technical presentations are - other Technical People. Then there is the Sales Presentation where the Product or Services Value must be communicated, and one of the best ways to do this is through a story or visual that the interested party can RELATE TO. The below story is entirely that, a story that is being shared in hopes that you will quickly and easily RELATE to the comparison. This is Not a medical or scientific study.


MULTI-VITAMINS and Cannabinoids
If you were asked to go out and purchase a decent Multi-Vitamin for a good friend or someone that you care about and want to help, what would your CRITERIA for a "decent" multi-vitamin be? Not many of us are dietary or nutrition experts - but we see and hear a lot of things on TV, from others, and read online. We have our own acquired knowledge from past experiences. Multi-Vitamins have been around for decades, 99% of Americans old enough to know about health know that multi-vitamin are good for you because they have a lot of vitamins in the bottle that we probably aren't getting from our regular diet.

So when you are asked what makes a decent Multi-Vitamin, I'll bet by now you already thought in your mind that a decent multi-vitamin should have VITAMIN-C and VITAMIN-D and a bunch of other NUTRITIOUS ITEMS too (vitamins: A, D, E, K, Zinc, etc). If I'm not mistaken, some women either need more or less IRON in their diets and you might see a MULTI-VITAMIN that is With IRON. 

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Cannabinoids and Multi-Vitamins
The Cannabis plant is a plant that offers many things (cannabinoids) that are good for our health. What is a Cannabinoid? A cannabinoid is "a single thing" just like vitamin-c is "a single thing". The Cannabis plant has well over 100 individual cannabinoids and each offer their own special benefit. Just like an orange is well known for its Vitamin-C output, Cannabis is well known for its THC and CBD output. Lets pick out CBD and compare it to Vitamin-C. You can go to your department store pharmacy section today and purchase a bottle of that single thing - “Vitamin-C”.  Now guess what, you can also visit a store like Healthy Hemp Outlet and pick up a bottle of a single cannabinoid - CBD. So just like an orange has vitamin-c to give, The Cannabis plant has Vitamin-CBD (and 100+ others) to give.

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Maybe right now you see the connection between a multi-vitamin and the cannabis plant? You can also paint a picture in your mind of this. First, think about a Multi-Vitamin , it is in a bottle, it has a label, and on that label is the list of all of the various VITAMINS that are included in this particular brand of vitamin (at least 25+ items). Now think of the Cannabis Plant, think of the plant as a bottle of vitamins. Now imagine there is a sticker on the side of each plant (almost like a Christmas Tree Tag) that shows you all of the various Vitamins in it - at this point, go back and replace the word VITAMINS with CANNABINOIDS. The Cannabis Plant has over 100 individual Cannabinoids inside the - plant of Cannabis. In fact, when you see a vendors Certificate of Authenticity (COA), this shows the list of CANNABINOIDS inside the plant. This is pretty much exactly like the label on the bottle of vitamins telling you which vitamins you are buying, the COA shows you which Cannabinoids you are getting. 

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At at this point the story is over, the message about the Cannabis plant and its tiny cannabinoids inside that make up the entire plant has been shared and we hope you might RELATE now and see the connection between:

  • (multi-vitamin) and plant components
  • A single vitamin (C) and a single cannabinoids (CBD).

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