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Hemp in Beauty Products and How to Use

CBD in Skincare

The hemp industry continues to grow as this plant is being infused into a multitude of products. Now beauty-based products are showing the benefits of CBD oil due to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be of great assistance to health concerns such as acne, allergies, eczema, dryness, psoriasis and the list goes on. Even our hair and scalp can benefit from the use of CBD oil since it is proficient in fatty and amino acids to assist with hair stimulation and growth. The best ways to receive these benefits is to use CBD oil topically or through consumption into the digestive system.

Here is one way to use CBD for skincare. First, you want to ensure that you have a quality of oil that you trust. Next, test out a small area of the oil on the dryness or irritation to see what protocol is best for your specific needs. It is a good recommendation to then use a Band-Aid, if possible, to cover the area to allow nothing from the outside environment to mix in to cause the area to be unclean. Check in to see how that test area is doing and if there happens to be any irritation due to the application of the oil, simply use soap and water to clean it off. If there is any irritation at this step, it could be that your skin is very sensitive to the oil or it’s due to the quality.