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Are You Using Enough CBD to Reach Your Balance Point?

In this BLOG Post we are sharing info that we use every day in our CBD Store - Healthy Hemp Outlet. We hope this general summary is beneficial to your understanding of CBD and figuring out "How much CBD should I take"?

Please use the image below as a reference as follows: The thin black line is your balance point, the red arrow shows you with "Not enough" CBD and the blue arrow shows you with "Enough" to reach your Balance Point Successfully. If you are under your balance point, you will NOT receive the maximum benefits from CBD. If you are at or just above your Balance Point your body will receive the maximum benefit from CBD. If you are over your balance point your body will simply excrete (or urinate) away the excess safely without any side effects.

CBD balance point and how much CBD do I need answered 

    CBD is universally acceptable to all mammals. Mammals are designed with an internal system to process the cannabis plant for many health and wellness benefits.  Every mammal has this system but every mammal is different in size, shape and weight, how much CDB is enough for YOU?

    One easy comparison is CDB use and alcohol consumption. Everyone's alcohol tolerance is different based on their genetic make up. The same goes for CBD. When consuming alcohol it might take one, two or three drinks to reach your tipping point. Once you reach the tipping point you feel inebriated. For Example - the beer worked, it took 3 beers, I now feel something.

    Now that we know it takes 3 beers to reach the tipping point, it would be a waste of time and money to only have one beer in the future if I was trying to get the same results.   With CBD you will start by taking a milligram strength and you will need to determine where you feel it starts to work FOR YOU, and then you can determine your balance point.  This balance point is an invisible line that you must reach in order to receive the maximum benefits from cannabis.  If that balance point is let’s say 30mg a day and you are only consuming 10mg a day you are not reaching optimal benefits.  You might even tell your friends that you don’t think it’s working??  This would be the same as knowing it takes you three beers before you reach your tipping point but going out with some friends and after having one beer telling your friends that the beer is not working. 
    I hope you see the connection that we’re trying to make. Let’s change the language  and explain CBD and your balance point.

    When you first take CBD it’s almost like your first time drinking alcohol – your testing to see how much is enough. With alcohol your goal is to find the tipping point. With CBD your goal is to find the balance point.  When you are buying your first bottle of CBD is very similar to buying alcohol at the liquor store.  You can choose between lower strength beer, medium strength wine, or high strength whiskey.  With CBD the difference is in the total number of milligrams on the bottle. For Example - a 300mg bottle is low strength (beer), a 900mg is higher strength (wine), and an 1800mg is much stronger (whisky).  So the suggestion from most manufacturers is to start low and work your way up. This would be like buying a six pack of light beer  The very first time you are buying alcohol and determining if it takes one beer or two beers or Three to do the job. 

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    Since everybody’s different  your balance point will vary from person to person. Over the past two years  we have had the pleasure and honor of  working with various client needs and have enjoyed watching them feel better with CBD.

    This is a summary, not instructions-  In general most people comment that 10mg a day was effective for mild to low grade discomfort’s from Anxiety or Pain.  Then as pain and anxiety levels grow higher from say stage three discomfort to a stage six discomfort,  they may need to increase the milligrams from 10mg to 20mg? 

    CBD dose guide suggestions only

    Another comparison to every day life that helps is the directions for taking Advil.  Everybody knows that you can take as little as one Advil pill or if your needs are more you can take up to four Advil pills.  Essentially you are aware of your balance.  You will need to do the same with your CBD consumption and if generally 10 mg is fine for average needs and you suddenly have a change in your day or in your activity and your needs increase you should increase your CBD milligrams. 

     We hope this comparison was helpful and explains one of the biggest challenges of determining if CBD is working for you, and helps answer the question- are you taking enough? It’s a natural plant that is interacting with your body in a positive manner and we hope you find success in your pursuit.  If you have any questions please contact us through the website or through Facebook where we are very interactive and share a lot of industry and years of product information, plus testimonials.