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Another Helpful CBD Dosage Guide from HH Outlet

How Much CBD Should I Take? What Is A Starting CBD Dose?

All Mammals have an internal system of organs (digestive system, cardiovascular system, and you have an ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS). That's right, Mother Nature had a plan! She knew you'd need to breath and gave you a cardiovascular system, she knew we'd need to procreate the Miracle of Life and gave you a reproductive system, and should you be a caveman and fall out of a tree while gathering fruit and you're laying there hurt on the ground - do you think Mother Nature intended for you to suffer? NO! She had a plan for pain and anxiety too, and for this she gave ALL MAMMALS (has a Spine) an EndoCannabinoid System. For further study - please do a simple google search for: CBD and my ECS (or read  one of our BLOG posts on your ECS - click here).

You have this internal system to help you during times of need. Some practitioners of health might call this - how do you COPE and SOOTHE yourself when hurt, scarred, or stressed? Once you understand how your ECS works (or just acknowledge you have one), then you can begin your Homeopathic journey to Health and Wellness using HEMP CBD. 

So how much CBD do you need? Here's another STORY to help explain the concept because this story also has a - NEEDS MET LINE. The story is about alcohol, and the similar question with alcohol is - How much Alcohol do I need to feel tipsy? Now immediately forget the tipsy part, but I hope you see that there is a LINE that needs to be MET in order for you to GET THE BENEFITS. With Alcohol it's a "Tipping Point", in CBD it's called your "balance point". Once you meet or exceed the Needs Met Line, you'll be on your way to CBD Benefits. If you only take a small amount, you may only get 50% of the plant's power. 

Just like some of the items inside a Multi-Vitamin (look at the back cover of a bottle) have over 100% of what you need in many of the nutrients, CBD falls into this NATURAL item that your body can process and once it reaches 100% of it's needs - you will simply excrete away the excess (you will pee yellow). A good starting MG for CBD is 5mg. In our HHO 300mg bottle you get 60 servings of 5mg. You can use the eye-dropper to increase your cbd dose to 10mg, 15mg, or more. Ultimately you should find positive results after 4-5 days of AM and PM CBD Dose use, and if you feel there is more to gain, then increase your dose by 5mg or as needed. 

This info and BLOG could go on for a while. If you come into our store in St. Pete, FL you can see this demonstration and ask questions. If you cannot visit us  in person,  please email or text me and I'll try to help.

Here is the Video you wanted to see, it is a quick example used to help you quickly relate to something you may already know and understand - advil dosage (1,2,3, or 4). 


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