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A 10 year addiction to Opioids - why?

True Story from a client yesterday in the Healthy Hemp Outlet Store. A father and son came in, the father was in his mid 60's, son was mid 30's. The father was interested in CBD for his son, the dad did most of the talking. His son was a nice guy, mid 30's and before the end of the evening we shared a lot about what the past 10 years of Opioids has done to him. Their goal is to reduce the many meds and try to ween from a life of prescriptions which the father admitted - "has had a long term affect on my son's life". 

If you are on a medical plan that you wonder why there is no end in sight, it may be of interest to read the many articles found online and/or videos on youtube that all show testimonials from people sharing their stories.

1000's of testimonials have shown there is Medical Value and we are just beginning to learn how Cannabis interacts with our ECS and beyond the basics of what Nature Provided (Cannabis, ECS, Balance).


Consumer Reports (November 2018) posted about CBD - "90% of the Americans that have tried CBD reported positive results" .