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8 Best CBD Strains For Nausea

One of the leading reasons medical practitioners recommend CBD to many patients today is for treating nausea. Do you reside in the Tampa Bay Area and want the best CBD strains for nausea? We’ve got your back! As the best outlet for cannabis, Healthy Hemp Outlet has listed the 8 best CBD strains for nausea. Read on to examine one of these best marijuana strains for nausea.

8 Best CBD Strains For Nausea

Here is the list of best cannabis strains for nausea:

  1. Durban Poison- Patients who use this sweet, earthy aromatic strain have acknowledged that it helps calm stomach upset and enhances appetite.
  2. Sour Diesel- While sour diesel has a pungent aroma, it promises numerous benefits. These include managing chemotherapy symptoms and increasing appetite. 
  3. Lavender- Also known as one of the best CBD strains to help combat nausea, lavender offers significant relief from stress-induced nausea and chronic pain. However, because it has nearly 27% THC levels, medical practitioners recommend usage before bedtime.
  4. OG Kush- As a strain with a high level of THC, OG Kush has been found effective in managing nausea effectively and quickly restoring patients to a healthier status. When you use OG Kush, anticipate a big headrush that an uplifted mind and body will accompany.
  5. Headband- With its lemon-infused flavor, the Headband is effective for those wrestling digestive upset, migraines, and aches. 
  6. Jack Herer- Originated from the Netherlands, Jack Herer has fresh woody-pine aromas and a THC level ranging from 15-24%. This strain is excellent for patients suffering nausea that results from neurological, fatigue, or medical conditions like stress, migraines, and anxiety.
  7. Blue Dream- With a THC level of 17-25%, the blue dream has a reputation among recreational and medicinal users. It is an excellent choice for addressing mental health issues and physical distress. It is a pleasant way to treat pain and anxiety that can come from stomach queasiness.
  8. Northern Lights- It is recognized as one of the readily available and famous strains. Its crystalline buds offer a powerful muscle relaxation that puts patients to sleep. Its flavor is a mix of pepper and herbal citrus.

The Role Of Bodyweight

Bodyweight influences the amount of CBD a patient will need to take to experience a significant effect. The larger the body mass, the more CBD a patient will take. Body size also impacts how long it will stay in the body.


Metabolism also plays a significant role in how long cannabinoid oil stays in the system. Metabolism often dictates the time needed to synthesize and break down compounds. Therefore, a patient’s metabolism will determine how long it will take the system to process and metabolize CBD.

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